Brain of the Guardian

Overvolt had another task for me. He needed somone to insert his Security Device 3000 into the Automated Matrix which controles all the steam tubes and elevators in the Guardian. In order to do this we had to first eliminate all four of the Mechano-Chassis operorators. After we completed that task he wanted us to obtain the memory module from MARGE, the controller of the Guardian. We did this, but the Guardian still seems locked on its path but now its complety mindless.
Later I took a large force to confront one of the corrupted muses in the Plane of Music. We confronted Anastasia the Thought Drinker, the form of Ervaj twisted into a vampire queen. She attepted to drain our thoughts and summoned storms of blood, but we defeated her. I obtained an Inspiration of Erjav, but Eodure the Pure said it was not the time to use it.