Elven Spirits and Conquering Rage

I returned to the Mysterious stranger and recieved the eyes of Kirathus from him. He sent me to the elven spirit village to experience the events from the Kirathus point of view. I spoke with Valthun Woodwatcher and he sent me to look for his Daughter Amber. I found her out by the large oak and spoke with her, but she refused to return. I brought this new to Vathan and he wanted me to speak with her friends and find out what was going on. After speaking with several of them, Della said, 'I'm worried about Amber. I know she's capable and all that, but I don't think she should be spending so much time away from the village. It seems to please her well enough, but the hills have grown dangerous lately. Go make sure she's safe, will you? You'll probably be able to find her near the great tree. It is north and east of here.' I brought this information to Vathun and he assumed Amber was spending time with one of the scouts.
Valthun Woodswatcher said, 'I am pleased that she is happy, and very angry with her for risking her life with such foolishness. There is little point to being happy if doing so gets you killed. If she is indeed headed home as she said, then it is not too soon. We have sent scouts to investigate the strangers to the north east. They would certainly welcome your assistance. See if you can catch up to them and lend them aid. Be warned, our scouts will not be easy to locate. Head out of Kirathas by the eastern path and see the scouts that guard that path, they will send you onward.' I went out to meet the scouts and each scout sent me on to the next, until I met Scout Leader Aldin. Aldin was hiding behind a tree overlooking the Blackwater village and he asked me to scout out the polical, soucial and supply centers of the village. I gathered my party and we incapacitated the lookouts and snuck in to the village, scouting these locations as well as the docks. I returned to Aldin and he had another task, he wanted me to burn the boats. He give me a ghostly torch and we went to the boats. I set a mystical fire that did not actually burn the boat, but the spirits of Blackwater sailors, locked into there ever repeating sequence, arrived to try to put out the flames. We kept them away from the fires until the spirit ship disapeared. I returned to Aldin with the news and he was pleased and sent me back to Vathan.
Valthun Woodswatcher said 'You've done well, but their viciousness knows no bounds. The town is still recovering from the attack. We hoped that the destruction of their boats would frighten them off, but only served to bring out their violent nature. We won't live in fear. We must strike them now! Go forth and bring death to the defilers!'
Meanwhile, we had determined it was time to assault the Fortress of Sverag. A new faction had taken over, the shiliskin and we determened it might be the best time to obtain a legendary berzeker bone. I gathered my raid force and we battered down the fortress doors and fought our way through many Shiliskin. After a couple commanders, we finally encountered the leader of the Death's Head Legion, Sazlak the Omnipotent. He attempted to blast us with fire and knock us away with walls of force but we finally slew him, sending his spirit back to the wall. I obtained a bone from him, completed the collection of bones that Maelin had istructed me to collect. We also encounter Tandor the Furious, a Bolvarg giant and several of his servents. We defeated him and his men in short order.
I took the 3 bones and my enraged flesh Charm to Maelin in the Plane of knowledge. He examined each bone and noted that each showed an afinity to the charm. As he broke each bone, he was able to integrate them into the charm, increasing its power of rage.
I recieved a summons back to the Hills of Shade from the military leader of the gnomes there, the shadow night, Reaver Lebanezer. Reaver Lebanezer said, 'So you're the one that's been making the splash, hmm? My friends have said many good things about you: solid bone structure, knows their way around a tomb, isn't a complete imbecile, merciless killer and all that. I like what I've heard, so I don't mind filling you in on our little quandary. Yes, and that quandary's name is Bimbalicus the Soulbleeder. He was a colleague of ours from Ak`Anon. Bimbalicus is his given name, while the Soulbleeder is a name he earned. There are many stories about how he turned his classmates into mindless zombies, how he was expelled from the guild, and how he was banished from Ak`Anon. I'll leave those for another time. Suffice it to say, he has caused us a lot of trouble and we know he's here in the Hills of Shade. The Soulbleeder isn't here for the same reason we are. We need to uncover his motivations. We've pinpointed his location deep in the Crypt of Shade, an ancient tomb drilled into the mountains. You'll find it far to the southwest. Travel there and find out what the Soulbleeder is up to. Use force if necessary, and don't underestimate him.'
We traveled to the Crypt and encontered Bimbalicus. He exclaimed, 'Who do you think you are, intruding on my home so rudely? I should forcibly remove you from this place. . . but, I have been longing for some new. . . friends. . .Well, I suppose that 'friend' is the wrong word. What I really mean is 'servant'! All of the creatures you see in this crypt are mine, you see! I found them, stripped them of their souls, and bound them to my will. You must have destroyed quite a few of my creatures in your efforts to find me, yes? A gracious guest should always. . . replace things that he breaks when visiting a friend. Don't you agree?' I did not agree and queried him on the stripped souls. He replied, 'Mmm, yes! Consuming a soul is more satisfying than a banquet, more delicious than the rarest delicacy! Souls taste of suffering and pain, and each soul that I absorb adds to my unimaginable power. The crystals here facilitate my plans, for in them I can store any number of souls to absorb at my leisure. 'The crystals grow in the caves and hills that make up this land, and I send my servants to gather them for me. By channeling my will into these crystals, they can extract, store, or release souls. I have fashioned a series of crystals over my body, and when the time comes, I will leave this place and consume the souls of every being who inhabits these lands. But for now, I shall begin with you and your friends! Unless you think you can stop me?' I stated 'I will stop you!' Bimbalicus grined maniacally. 'Then I suppose you and your pathetic friends will be the next souls that I consume! Arise, my minions, and punish these strangers for their interference!' He summoned 5 wraiths, fortunatly the attacked us 1 at a time and we were able to defeat them. Then he summoned 5 boneworn rippers, skeletons of dead beserkers. Again we defeated them. Finally he charged us yelling, 'Fools! I will rip your souls from your bodies and keep them for my own!' He was a formidable foe but we slew him and retreived a gemed bracer. I returned the bracer to Lebenezer and he shook his head in disqust.
Since we were back in Hills of shade, I decided to finish the latest task from Vathun. We assulted the Blackwater village and slew many ghosts. I returned to Vathun and had an insidious feeling that I was playing a role, that these things will happen with or without me. But that seems to matter little, for now the Elddar village is in danger, and Valthun needs my to help defend his people. He said, 'Welcome back! I appreciate that you've come to help us. Amber tells me these strangers call themselves 'Humans'. She has spent far too much time mingling with their kind. How can my daughter be so kind to creatures that are so cruel? They are preparing an attack as we speak. Go to the northern edge of the village and seek out Aramus, he will tell you what we need.' I went him and Aramus the Elder said, 'Ah, more help, and just in time! We have devised a way to repel the Human attackers. We need you to gather materials for traps. I have instructed the scouts as to where the traps need to be placed. Once you have what is needed, find the hunters and give the items to them, they will make and place the traps.' I noted the list of items for the traps and that I had collected several parts already. It looks like I will have to slay more ghouls, treants and Blackwater spirits to obtain the rest.