Fendan's Favors

Earlier this week I met a new arrival in the tower in Dragon Scale Hills, Fendan Helter. He said to me "'Hey there Omegga! You look like just my kind of adventurer! Do I have an opportunity for you! Why don't you come over here and we'll discuss the riches and adventures that can be yours?' I asked about the opportunity and he replied, "'Yes, yes! I alone am in a rather unique and fortunate position and lucky for you I'm willing to allow you to work for me! You see I happen to be close personal friends with nearly everyone in this part of the world. I am so trusted, in fact, that I'm authorized to hire adventurers such as you to perform various, ah, tasks for the groups in this part of Faydwer. There are several types of services you can perform for my various employers. You can perform errands or engage in combat or even perform various acts of mischief and sabotage. Whatever you choose you will be rewarded!'
I asked what I could do for the Brownie Reblels and he sent me on a mission to steal supplies from the Minotaur fort and slay some of the minotuars. I snuck around the lower level of the fort and stole some supplies, but the upper level was more wary. I gathers some of my companions and we assaulted the fort eliminating minotaurs and stea;ing the supplies. Fendan also had a request from the Ladies of the light to eliminate some more of the nymphs that had been encroaching on the tower and the Crusadors of Veshaan wanted more of the Earth golem constructs cleared out of the Canyon leading to Crystalos.
Fendan then needed me to pick up a package from the Fangbreaker camp, but they needed it delivered in a roundabout route in order to shake off pursuit. I picked up the package and found myself tracked by worgs. Using the delivery facilitator wand Fendan had given me, I drove off the worg packs. The route made it look like I was going to Hills of Shade, and then I doubled back to Fendan in Dragonscale Hills and delivered the package.
Camp Valor then had a request to clear out the crypt again, so we eliminated some more undead. While we were there, we decided to check the graveyard to see if we could stop the Orc Gravediggers that so far had eluded us. We cornered the Packleader and his four minions and defeated them. On the Packleader's corpse I found a order from Bloodmoon Keep to collect corpses. I delivered it to Arreles Bonscrounger. Arreles read the order, muttering to herself. She started sputtering and fuming when she realized it is the wereorcs that have been pilfering bodies.
Fendan had a new errand for me when I got back, he needed a progress report delivered to the Emissary of Yelinak in Skyshrine. It was a long journey but I delivered the report. Then he said the Fangbreakers wanted more orcs eliminated in Bloodmoon Keep, so we did that. Fendan then sent me to Fortress Mechanatos to collect reports that had been droped in various locations. When I retured, he needed another report delivered, to the Fangbreakers in North Karana. I delivered it to Tal Stoutheart and he had a report for the Loping plains camp which I then delivered. Fendan then contracted me to do a supply run for Camp Valor. I had to meet with Quartermaster Entag in Felwithe. While she gathered the supplies she asked me to run out to Faydark and tell Eldin Ner his supplies were ready. I then took the Supplies to Hadrin at Camp Valor. Akanon Strike Force then needed us to eliminate a few steamworks in the Guardian as they had been repared.
The Bertoxolous Gnomes had a strage task, they wanted to trap some of the spirits in Hills of shade for thier necromatic use. They gave me a staff that produced runes that entraped the spirits and instructed me to trap 3 in the Kirathas village and 3 in the Blackwater village. Finally he had another unusual mission for me. The Ladies of the Light wanted to make piece with the brownies but in an unusual way. They had an enchanted branch that when waved in a area would make all those around feal peaceful. I was directed to take the brach and secretly wave it around the brownie village in Dragonscale Hills as well as the brownie outpost in Lessar Faydark forest.