Fires and Assassins

Kanetheus Forestwalker sent for my team again. The Dark Reign has been using goblin allies to spot movements of the Keepers of Norrath and singnal them from the ascent. We traveled to the top and eliminated the Snowfoot Signal Wardens and set a decoy fire which lead the Dark Reign troops into a trap.
On our return Bianca had a new mission for us. Lieutenant Ekitu had found a rose on his pillow, indicating that the House of Autumn Rose, a clan of Goblin Ninja's had been contracted to assasinate him. Bianca tasked us to infiltrate Thundercrest Ilse and find out who contracted them and if necessary eliminate the House of the Autumn Rose. We entered the central DoJo area and were attacked by Rose Ninja's. After killing thier Head poison maker, the Sensai of the clan challenged us on the bridges leading to Yar'lir's old lair. We defeated the Sensai and found the contract on him, indicating that the Dark Reign had indead contracted the hit.
Boldger Bristlebeard had a minor task for us also. He sent us into Lavaspinner lair to collect samples of the Lavaspinner eggs.