Goblins and Orcs

The Wayfarer's Brotherhood sent me word that the Keepers of Norath were looking for some help again. I took a group to lavastorm mountains and spoke with Kanetheus Forestwalker who told me on of the previous goblin advisor's of Yarlir had obtained some of her scales and headed to the top of the Ascent to use them against us. My group climbed the Ascent and found him summoning air elemental storms. He had summoned 4 already and sent them after us. We defeated them and then elimininated the warlock stormcaller and retrieved the scales.
We returned to the Keepers of Norath camp and delivered the scales. Gordish Frozenheart who monitors events in the Nest called us over and said that his scout had observed an unsavory group from the other camp entering the nest after some unknown item. He asked us to go in and try to retrieve it. We entered the nest and followed the trail north until we came across an injured drake named Silverfang. He tried to make a deal with us for the item but we ignored him. We approached the rival leader, but he refused to give us the item so we were forced to take it from them while they were fighting the goblins. It turned out to be a to be an ancient dragon tooth, maybe from the cursed dragon we have heard about who resides past Jurek's lair.
I gave the tooth to Gordish and he had yet another mission for us, while we were pursuing the rival party, a dark elf agent had been dispatched to the fire goblins in the nest. She had been sent in after they had heard the fire goblins were disgruntled with the way the drakes were treating them with orders to convince them to join the Dark Reighn. We killed the agent but were not able to convince the goblins to join our side.
The wayfarers sent us word that some of their number had been captured by the Rujarkian orcs and needed rescueing. I took the group that was with me and was joined by onother group and we met with Luarnn Gibbizt in the Commonlands camp. Luarnn told us that 8 Wayfarers had been captured in the Gladiator pits section of the Rujarkian mines. Their magus sent us to the South Ro camp and we entered the mines from the enterance near it. We reached the jail cells and found 3 prisoners. They told me that they each had been chained up by a differnt taskmaster and those taskmasters had the keys. We fought our way through many goblin slaves, wondering why they just didnt run off after we slew thier masters. No one can accuse goblins of being smart. We defeated each Taskmaster in turn and obtained the keys to release the 3 prisoners. After we released them, they informed us that the other 5 were in the Gladiator pits and if we could distract the guards they would release them. A Prison Guard attacked us at that moment but we quickly dispatched him and began moving toward the pits. In the pits we found each prisoner in gladitorial combat with a Prison Guard along with a orc spectators. We interupted the contests by killing the spectators and the guard, alowing the other prisoners to release the gladiator. The Prison Warden was alerted to our presence and he rushed in with his High Shaman. In a grueling battle we defeated both, freeing all the prisoners.