I.R.A., The Brownie Queen and Vrald's Brother

Word reached me that Whizzlebang Twempt was creating a new Clockwork weapon to send against the forces of Meldrath. I visited him in Steamfont Moutnains and he said he indead had developed a new weapon, an Infinitely Regenerative Automaton or I.R.A. and needed some voluteers to test it. I gathered a force of about 30 Keepers of the Glade and we entered Timinizer's Wunderworks where he was testing it. The IRA was extremely strong and carried smaller clockworks which it released periodically. It also had an acid weapon which was effective against armor. We were not able to defeat the weapon and determined that it was a successfull test. I expect Wizzlebang will have more tests in the future as he calibrates the weapon.
The next day I recieve word from Kaerra, leader of the Ladies of the Light that they were expecting an imminent attack from the Brownies and needed assistance. Kaerra had learned that the Brownies wanted the power they were using to shield the tower and had sent an agent to discover more information. Also she determined if the Queen of the Brownies was incapcitated they would not attack. We traveled to the the Brownie tree village and after defeating numours guards we found Agilica tied up behind the Queen's Residence. We defeated her guards and released her and she confirmed that the Queen was planning to attack the tower and tack the energy powering the shield. We confronted the Queen and slew her. We returned Agilica to Kaerra and informed her the Queen was dead.
Later I was traveling in Loping Planes and stoped by the fangbreaker camp. I found a dwarf named Vrald and he said his brother had been missing for days. We located his brothers corpse at the bottom of the switchback hidden in the bushes. On his corpse was a journal that I returned to Vrald. The journal spoke of a disease and Vrald suspected it was a cover for the lost mine enterence that his brother Wengar was looking for. He suggested we go north and try to get informationo out of a Goblin named Shadowloper. Shadowloper turned out to be a necromacer who summoned 4 ghouls. We defeated him and his minions and found a Garish Festival Charm on him. Vrald suspected that this indicated they were behind the undead curse in the Festival grounds. He sent us to investigate at the Nightwalker camp. There we found diseased goblins, so this conviced Vrald that the stories in the Journal were true. He sent us to follow on and check with the Oracle of the Three Oaks as her tree was mentioned in the Journal.
WE traveled to the great Oak and talked to the Oracle. She told of a Phantom of an elf that haunted the Festaval grounds. She also mentioned a malign influence in the tree. We traveled down into the roots and found a bloated glog imp among other bottomfeeding imps. We killed it and found spores on it. The oracle examined them but determined they could not be causing problems in the tree. We returned to Vrald and he informed us that he found pages missiong from the journal. The page before it spoke of Wengar at the festival ground and a large zombie. We traveled to the grounds and found a large Zombie named Larwynn. After killing it we found some pages and returned them to Vrald. The pages spoke of a great Phantasmal pressence and an elven lass named Elladrial. It turned out that she was also a spirit and the phantoms killed Wengar. Vrald sent us to avenge his brother against the phantoms. We found Wengar's ghost at the festival grounds and released his spirit from this plane of existance. The Ellandrial attacked us and we banished her spirit also. I returned to Vrald with the news and he rewarded me with a bag that made coins and contents weightless.