More Darkhollow Diversions

Tisthal Gimblecranz, a clockwork in Corathus Creep had a new job for me. He needed skins used by skinwalkers for his studies. He sent me to the hive to collect some. They were stored in the top levels of the hive towers and we had to eliminate many skinwalkers guarding the chests of skins. After we had collected two of them we heard Palix, the Preserver in the basement and went after him and obtained a third hide. I delivered the hides to Tisthal and he complemented me by saying I was not as useless as he thought.
I then performed some services for the Freetraders in Undershore. I delived some sporleli skins and witherin hides to Arilso so he could make armor. Arad told us that Bologore was never able to defeat the Shadowman hunter, Veruzen and said if I could obtain his paw, Bologore would be impressed. I traveled to Stoneroot falls and found Veruzen near the Circle of Skulls. I defeated Veruzen and removed his paw and delivered it to Arad. The Paw now hangs from the Freetrader standard.
I later recieved word from the Wayfarers guild that Dougan Merule in the Oasis of Marr needed assistance from a large force. It turned out his wife Rayna has been traped by a large Golem Eothar and his force of undead and scorpians. We could not hope to defeat them but we just needed to distract them long enough for Rayna to escape. We were able to rescue Rayna but took many casualties before we retreated.
I took a side trip to the Muramite Proving Grounds to finish the last trial. Each trial master had granted me an increase to my natural elemental resistences. This trial required us to unlock chests while evading or destroying guards. We accomplished this easily.
I heard the Shiliskin in Stoneroot falls were looking for some help for a mission into the hive. Calisar said that his priests had come up with dampening stones to weaken the ability of the Dracknids to summon undead. He gave us the stones and asked us to place them at each of the 4 alters in the Hives. His assistant Sintal teleported us into the hive and we began the assault. The Drachnids summoned undead from the alters but we were able to fight our way to them and disable each in turn. Once we had placed stones on all 4, they could no longer summon. We returned to Senval and he ported us out.