Pirate King and the Burning Lich

I found myself back in the Buried Sea. For a while I had been gathering pieces I had been complelled to find. It had started when Whent Goldpire in the Barren Coast had asked me to find a sentimental bone he had lost. I found it on a skeleton on Monkey Ilse in the Buried Sea. I showed it to Whent and he gave it back to me. As I traveled the other Ilses in the Buried Sea, I had been complelled to locate other pieces. They spoke to me of a Buring Lich and when I had gathered all of them all I felt I needed to forge them into a wand, Marnek's Wand of the Burning Dead.
Upon completion of the wand, a spirit of one of its victims, Gilius Stromwell spoke to me. He asked me to use the wand do draw out Delmir, a traitor to the Stormguard. I let it be known that I had the wand and recieved word that Jardel the King of the Pirates was interested in it. I traveled to Jardel's Hook and spoke with his bodyguard Jert Scarmonger. Seeing that I had the wand he let me and my group in to see the king. Jardel told me that he had realy been Sir Delmir Jarimar and had been sent by the Stormguard to the burning dead. He had been captured and tortured and finally turned against the stormguard and lead the assault which destroyed the stormguard fleet. His own fleet was later destroyed by Prexus and his sea minions, but he had been spared by the power of the burning lich. Jardel needed the wand to free himself from Marnak and offered us safe passage in exchange. We refused and he attacked us, calling in two of his Captains. Using the wand to conter his fire aura, we defeatted Jardel and his men. The spirit then spoke to me of a stormguard spy who would help us confront the Burning Lich.
I found the spy masquerading as a fisherman. He said that the wand was masking us and if he destroyed it, the Burning Lich would locate us. I handed him the wand and he dismantled it. Marnak quickly sensed our presence and summoned us to his ilse. We faced him and Destroyed the Burning Lich, ending his reign of terror. There are still a few other minions out in the Buried Sea for us still to mop up.