Prophecies and Spirits

I again to a force into the Demi-plane of Blood and we faced Zi-Thuuli of the Granite Claw who guarded the enterence. Upon defeating him I was able to recover a stone etched in runes. Back in Dreadspire Keep, I took the stone to Irrissa the Seer, who said, 'Ah, Omegga. You have returned. I have watched as you walked your path. The reflecting pool has shown me of your feats. You were introduced to the cruel and unpredictable malice of Graniteclaw and lived to tell about it. Now I sense that you wish to understand more. Allow me to hold the Rune-Etched Stone and I will grant you the understanding you seek.' I handed over the stone. Irrissa the Seer directed my attention to the seeing pool once again. As the ripples cleared I made out a shadowy individual gazing into a full-length mirror. He casted no reflection. The figure saw nothing, but continued to gaze intently as if trying to recall what it was once like to see himself. Irrissa spoke softly, 'This man has riches, ancient artifacts, immortality, and slaves tending to his every need, and yet he would exchange that for the opportunity to gaze upon his own reflection again. Without the aid of a reflection, this figure seeks to understand himself through the reactions of others. The fate of these others is of no consequence to him. They are used, coerced, and destroyed for the sake of shaping and redefining his ego. Tell me, how does this realization make you feel about the figure? Disgusted, sorrowful, furious, or apathetic?' I told him I felt sorrowful and he nodded, 'An understandable response. When you can see how pitiful it is to be forced to shatter another's existence in order to see your own, it's hard not to feel sorry for the Master's predicament. To have no concept of self is a horrible curse.' I felt as though I had been judged by Irrissa and that this would have some meaning in the future.
Later, I went to see Fendan to see if he had any more errands for me. He said, 'The followers of Bertoxxulous have a sinister errand for you. They enjoy the current state of the Hills of Shade and want you to do everything to keep the influence of Bertoxxulous strong in that area. They ask that you journey to several locations in Hills of Shade and release the Essence of Bertoxxulous to keep his presence strong in the hills.' He gave me a wand containing the essence of Bertoxxoulous. I traveled to the Hills of Shade and released the essence in the Graveyard, Crypt, Borrower nests, Deathcap village, Kirathus Village and the Docks. I returned to Fendan and was paid in Facitum. Fendan then told me Larquin Fangbreaker was looking for more assistance, so I traveled to the Fangbreaker camp.
Larquin told me it was time to deal with the spirits in Bloodmoon Keep and sent me to Maria Starforge. Maria gave me a Moondancer Pendant which would clense the temple. We entered the keep and released the undead spirits of many elven priests and worshipers. When we reached the Temple we found the Spirit of Falstaff Moondancer. His spirit had been corrupted and attacked us. While we were engaged with him, other spirits attempted to posses us, but were only able for a short time. Eventually The Spirit of Falstaff's form shifted in and out of my vision seeming very weak. At that moment I uncovered the Moondancer Pendant and it cleansed the evil influence from Falstaff's spirit.
Falstaff Moondancer said 'By the gods! I am finally free! For centuries I have been trapped here in this temple unable to control the actions of my cursed spirit. Forever cursed to watch in torment as my spirit commited unspeakable acts at the beckoning of the curse. My only solace was that energy of the temple was able to keep the orcs from consuming all of the spirits of my brethren. You were sent by Maria Starforge? This is almost impossible to believe. Perhaps we can yet save the spirits that have been consumed by Ralkor and his malignant crystals. Take these letters to Maria. It explains Ralkor methods for using the crystals and may provide some insight into how to defeat him and free the spirits of my fellow elves.' I delivered the letter to Maria and she said, 'We must learn more of these crystals that Falstaff mentioned. Perhaps the slaves in the mines have some first hand knowledge of these crystals.' I knew they would summon me back sometime in the near future for another expedition to the mines.