An Everquest Guild on the Bertoxxulous (Tholuxe Paells) server.
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Raid Rules


  1. Raid Leader is the commander of a raid: All instructions
    by the Raid Leader need to be followed. If you refuse to follow directions,
    you will be asked to leave the raid and TL’ed out. If you have questions
    or suggestions for the Raid Leader, please ask your Group Leader first
    as they may have the answer. If there is a need for more clarification,
    please let your Group Leader ask it from the Raid Leader.
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Code of Conduct

Tenants of the Keepers

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Origins and Charter

To understand those known as Keepers of the Glade, one must realize the history of those individuals who have grown to form this society. For this, we must start at the very beginning of creation. As the light dawned across the splintered realities of Norrath, many souls were awakened. Though dimly aware of things beyond their own perceptions, most still clung to the surroundings in which they found themselves. Thus for a great time did they do battle amongst distant splinters of this shared reality.

But time wore on, and the souls grew restless.

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