Guild Bank

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The Guild BANK is a resource for KotG members only. Items in the BANK
that are available for request will be listed on the forums in the 'Guild
Bank and Market' section, which can be found HERE.

Items requested from the BANK must be used for their assigned purpose
- hunting, quests, tradeskill, reasearch, etc. An item may not be requested
for sale or profit. Anyone caught doing this will be warned, put on guild
probation, and your guild bank request rights will be revoked.

With that said, all items are open for request with the following exceptions:
(Guild BANKER may change rules at any time)

Spells - requesting character must be class of spell and be
of level equal to spell level.

Gems - If for a quest(epic, key) or first attempt at a tradeskill
trophy, gems will be free. Otherwise they will be sold for a approximately
1/2 the normal Bazaar price. Current prices are as follows:
Blue Diamond = 175p
Black Sapphire = 160p
Jacinth = 125p
Diamond = 100p

Velious Armor Quest Gems - Limit: you may request up to 3 (if
in stock) of any gem. You must already have the quest armor piece before
asking for gems.

Armor and Weapons -
1) If there is a required/recommended level for an item, you must be that
level to request it. (At any time the guild banker/officer can place a
lvl restriction on any armor)
2) If more then one request is made for an item, MAIN characters will
get top priority over Alts, and highest level is next priority.

How to request Guild BANK items


  1. A new forum will be opened on Sunday sometime for that weeks request.
  2. You must post in THAT thread to request an item
  3. You have until Wed 10pm CST to request items. If you do not, you must
    wait till the next week.
  4. Guild BANKER will not drop everything to come running to give you
    an item, but will get it to you. They have one bag set up in the shared
    bank slots for just this purpose so they don't have to log to the Banker
    ALT to get it to you. (assuming they dont forget to put it in there
    that is).
  5. Do not send tells to the BANKER in game asking if we have an item.
    Honestly, they don't know. There are on avg 240 to 300 items in the
    Bank and the BANKER doesn't know them by heart. You will be directed
    to the boards to check and see.
  6. Do not send BANKER a tell in game to request an item. That's the whole
    point of the forum. Please use it.
  7. If you request an item on or before Wed and it is approved, you have
    until Sunday night (unless a RL issue prevents you, or a RL issue on
    in game issue prevents the BANKER) to pick the item up. If you have
    not made arrangements by Sunday night before 6pm CST, your request is
    null and void and you must rerequest it.

If you have any questions, please send a tell the BANKER in-game or post
a question in the forums. Note: from time to time the lists of assets
may become unavailable due to inventory updates.


This is for trading or selling of items within the Guild. It should be
used as a central place for such activities. In general, consideration
and respect should be given to your fellow members. So no price gouging
or profiteering endeavors please. If you want to sell an item for profit,
please do so in the Bazaar. If selling an item, in general it is expected
the item will be priced at fair market value or below.

For each item, please create a seperate thread listing the item in the
title. This will make for easier browsing on the threads. When an item
is sold or traded, please reply to the thread to indicate the item is
no longer available.