Cesarre Wins the Runtweight Title, Trusik High Priest Job Opening

Keepers of the Glade Ventured in to Txevu last night and Cesarre challenged the Runt to a 1 on 1 match. He quickly defeated the Runt. Not wanting the title to stay in the hands of outsiders the Mastrauq Champion and Ixt Hsek Syat tried to take it away but were stopped by the Keepers.

The Keepers then proceeded to elimiate the Trusik Religious leaderships but could not prefent thier Shades from summoning the High Priest. Even though he drew strength from the souls of the Vrex Shades, he could not stand up to the determined keepers force. The Trusik have placed a want add for a new High Priest.

Keepers of the Glade now have the key to Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk who guards the enterence to Tacvi.



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Bloodreaver Cesarre Borgia

Archon Rezgar Dragonheart

Prophet Daerkness Phawls