Kanthur Earns Rogue Epic 1.5

Absolutely one of the most expensive and painful epic 1.5 weapons hands down is the Fatestealer dagger.

All trade skills must be skilled up from blacksmithing to baking to poison making. Each of the civilized races demands an item or items of finely crafted make. Along just the beginning of the quest one must fish, forage, camp nasty zones for rare drops and pay extensively out of pocket just to start this daunting mission.

Each rogue recieves the chance to make a scarecrow illusion mask during the quest and craft fine alcohols for halfings! (yeah we have a few lushes in guild that rejoiced over that part of the quest!)

Lore-wise this is one the most well followed up missions in game. During the 1.0 to earn Ragebringer the questing rogue confonts Renux, a female rogue of no small skill. During the 1.5 the resurrected zombie verison of Renux is fought. During this mission you learn that another rogue guild leader from the first epic is her father, happily sacrificing her to wash his hands of the whole original assassination (Ragebringer was the weapon used for the deed)

A special do or die instance in the Plane of Hate as well as killing some Marsinger Bards in the sylvan forests of Faydark make this fun for the whole family!

Congratulations Kanthur, your nasty new blade does some awesome damage!!

Close behind Kanthur are a couple more rats skilling up and preparing to complete the Fatestealer as well. Great work all who could help!