Productive week for the Keepers!

My apologies to everyone for falling behind on the news.

We started out the week on Wednesday by completing several rogue 2.0 events for Utdar. Congrats Utdar!

Friday rolled around and we gathered for a couple of MPG trials. Trial of Foresite gave us some trouble. We are still learning this one, and I feel that the next time we attempt it, will be a success! Our next trial was the Trial of Hate. An oldie but goody. Grats to the first timers on 1/6th of your Anguish key, and grats to Cykor on winning that really spiffy ring. Also a grats to those who won the always needed spell runes.

On Saturday, we attempted our first run on Uqua. We have all heard the horror stories about it, but did not expect what was to come. We zoned into Uqua and our first pull was a wipe. This was not to big of a shock though, as most all guilds do wipe at this first pull. We picked ourselves back up and proceded to kick some butt. We Killed the twins and we were working our way towards the end of the event, when we ran into a small problem. We didnt get a chance to turn the AE off. We wiped once and rezed up and tried again, but with that nasty AE going off and people getting tired, we decided it was time to try again at another time. Overall, I'm very impressed with our first Uqua attempt. WTG Keepers!