Recent Achievements, AMV deaded, Hamster Deaded, and information about loot.

Keepers killed AMV wth ease Saturday night, and also successfully killed the bertoxx server hamster causing a server crash because we were going to kill OMM as well(that's my story and i am sticking with it) We had many new recruits and guildies with us on the run, making it a wonderful accomplishment.

We are posting information on how orbs, seals, and other drops are assigned as there was a bit of confusion on this, please look for the information in the forums and read up on the rules before you raid. These do not go with DKP, there is a logical method of granting items.

The same goes with will-in(or gimp) access to flagged zones information is being posted as well, again please look for it.

See you Friday night for more kills.