Underfoot Quests

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I had too many little notes on the Underfoot Quests so I put them all together.  These are the quests I know about so far in just 3 of the zones.  It isn't complete, but it is a start.  Please make any corrections or additions as you see fit.

Brell’s Rest

Firnel Missynsip (at top of white stairway)

  • /say lava – for “Too Hot to Handle” (solo quest - kill 5 launkins)
  • /say elementals – for  “Steaming with Anger” (solo quest – kill 5 steam elementals)
  • /say  Greken - for   “A Nest Full of Trouble”  (solo quest - kill 5 nestlings)
  • /say Burynai  -for “Buried in Death” (solo quest - kill 12 burynai)


Nogol Bandras (Near zone-in from Hole at -645, +17)

  • /say I’ll find them – for “Nogol and the Bandits” quest – reward is 210 plat + exp)
    1. Go to Nogit (who is closeby at -541, +303) and /say truth
    2. Go to Eggsniffer (in gnoll camp in west part of Brells) and /say trade
    3. Give to Eggsniffer:
      • 2 uncut emeralds (loot off of random mobs in Pellucid Grotto)
      • 4 bottles of Kalish (Ramos Jerwan who sells fishing supplies by the pond in PoK sells them).
      • 1 Fine Lute Tuner (? In South Qeynos bard guild sells)
      • 6 basilisk eggs (He won’t accept the foraged ones from Rathe Mtns, but the magma basilisk genitors in Lavastorm Mtns north of naggy frequently drop them

After giving Eggsniffer the 4 groups above, he gives you the Embossed Pewter Mug.

    1. Give to Bartel (next to Nogit)
      • 1 scrap gems – drops from random mobs in Pellucid Grotto.
      • 1 Lump of Gold Ore – drops from random mobs in Underquarry
      • 1 Lump of Platinum Ore – drops from random mobs in Underquarry
    2. Give to Nogol:
      • Bejeweld Smithing Hammer  - drops from Fangskull (named in Brells in east part of zone).  He also drops Nogol’s Journal (keep until later).
      • Ruby-studded Ring  - drops from Ripskin (named in Brells) He also drops Nogol’s Journal (if you haven’t already looted, keep until later).
      • Embossed Pewter Mug that you received from Eggsniffer for turnins.
    3. Final step is revealed after all steps above completed.  Give Nogol’s Journal to Nogol.


The Cooling Chamber

Foreman Gronkin (far north as zone in at +150,-18)

  • /say help – for “Traitorous Dogs” (solo quest – kill 4 traitorous workers,  4 traitorous laborers, and 1 traitorous alchemist – reward is exp; laborers are on one side of the zone and workers on the other side (east and west))


Rodrick Cleanheart (at -170, -320)

  • /say source - for “Invest the Dead” (#1 solo quest; kill undead who randomly drop numbered 5 numbered amulets, loot the 5 amulets, right click one, and they assemble, turn in the assembled amulet to Rodrick)
  • /say ??? – for “Hunt the Dead” (#2 solo quest’ an undead lieutenant pops in lower south eastern section (-2530,-1583) and 4 adds spawn during the fight. Loot a Signet Amulet for turning to Rodrick)


Thelga Mutik

  • /say “contain” – for “Goo Kill Hunting” (solo quest - kill 30 goos)



  • /say dangerous - for “In the Face of Danger” (solo quest – kill 3 chattering skeletons, 3 clattering skeletons, 3 cursed human, and 3 cursed elf – reward is 105 plat + exp)
  • /say banshee - for “Banshee Hunt” (solo quest - kill 4 forlorn banshees and 4 wailing banshees– reward is 105 plat + exp)



  • /say kill - for “Vanquish the Dead” (solo quest – kill 2 each of:  hulking zombies, shuffling zombies, drifting specters, haunting specters, and ghouls – reward 105 plat + exp)



Thorbin the Elder (-170, -320)

  • /say look into it – for “It’s Getting Hot in Here!” (#1 solo quest)
    1. Go to area by pond (near Pellucid Grotto zonein) invised where there are 3 or 4 traitorous mobs for 1st update
    2. Do not move until you get the 2nd update, but then they can see you and attack.  Try to make it to the Pellucid Grotto zone before dying.
    3. Kill 1 traitorous laborer.
    4. A Reagent Corruption Plans should appear on your cursor after killing one or more traitorous laborers at this point in the quest.
    5. Hail Thorbin and he gives you a device to find Pure Cooling Reagent Powder)
    6. Collect Caveflower Pollen (looks like a rock on the ground under one of the strange flowers near zonein from Brells)
    7. Loot 1 Stonegrind Solvent (drops consistently from goos)
    8. Loot 1 Pure Cooling Reagent Powder (First kill all the goos in an area (Goo Kill Hunting quest is good to have since you will need to kill so many.)  The powder is in barrels at back of goo area – type /open but you may have to check several barrels to find the right one)
    9. Kill the traitorous laborers in the first area you went to by the Pellucid Grotto zonein.  Combine the 4 items (Reagent Corruption Plans, Caveflower Pollen, Stonegrind Solvent, & Pure Cooling Regeant Powder) in the brew barrel (no fail).
    10. Give the final result to Thorbin.
  • /say ???? – for “Still Too Hot to Handle” (#2)
  • /say ???? – for “Goos Gone Wild” (#3 – group quest )

1.      Kill the aggressive goos (yellow con and KoS) and loot 6 Goo Oozes (pre-lootable) NOTE:  normally only 3 goos at a time will aggro,  but since the yellow con ones are KoS and can aggro the whole cave.

2.      Hail Thelga Muntik and “a cool goo” spawns. 

3.      Hail the “a cool goo” and follow it south to the back of a goo cave -1794, -1583.

4.      ‘a bellikos infiltrator” (red con) spawns.  Speak to it and kill it.  The cool goo also aggros but you don’t have to kill it.  The other goos do not assist.

5.      Hail Thorbin.

Pellucid Grotto

Soldys (in middle of zone)

  • /say ooze - for “Thinning the Ooze” (solo quest - kill 3 each of 5 different types of ooze: infernal, crystallizer, acidic, tunneler, and mineral - reward 105 plat + exp) )


Thonton the Subnexus (in middle of zone near Soldys)

  • /say same – for “Quell the Autarchian Rebellion” (solo quest – kill 4 Autachian komatite and 5 Autachian lord – reward 105 plat + exp)
  • /say safety – for “Hinder the Cliknor Invasion” (solo quest - kill 6 Cliknor soldiers & 3 Cliknar seers - reward 105 plat + exp)


Magnite Ordinator Bammer (in the middle on the far west part of zone)

  • /say reduce – for “Thinning Out the Sessiloids” (solo quest – kill 6 sessiloid and 3 grand sessiloid - reward 105 plat + exp)
  • /say help – for “Only You Can Prevent Elemental Fires” (solo quest – kill 7 laval elementals and 7 ember elementals – reward 105 plat + exp)
  • /say ???? - for “Filling the Repository” (group quest – loot 3 blue, 4 red, & 4 green unfinished gems from Primal Crystallines & do multiple turn-ins – reward is 367 plat  5 gold + exp)


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Underfoot Quests

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Nice work.... a few notes for FYI to others...

RE:  "Goos Gone Wild” (#3 – group quest )

Have done this twice. The Cool goo can go to at least two locations for the final battle.


RE: Undead Tasks (Cooling Chamber)

The undead are rough -- hitting up to 10K (yes, the trash-normal-undead)


RE: XP Rewards (all znes)

Each task is at least 1 AA reward and as many as 4 AA

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