Calling all foragers

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Armor links:


Calcified Ringmail
Deep Cavern Ringmail
Allakhazam does not have the frosted ringmail in the database, but it follows the others with Int and SvC
Allakhazam does not have the gothic ringmail in the database, but it follows the others with Str, Sta and SvM
Sandblasted Ringmail*


Calcified Steel
Deep Cavern Steel
Frosted Steel
Gothic Steel*
Sandblasted Steel

Go to Eqtraders for recipes. Main item is a temper made from items from each dunegon that can be foraged / dropped (btw, what the hell is with LDoN making every stinking tradeskill need a forager). Eald is not yet high enough to make these items, so I am asking if anyone in guild is willing to do these combines if anyone wants them. (skill required should be around 180-220)

Temper List:
Bone Temper X 15 (for Calcified made from Goblin Bones in Rujarkian Hills)
Swamp Temper X 0 (for Deep Cavern made from Pondweed in Deepest Guk)
Lichen Temper X 0 (for Frosted made from Ice Lichen in Miragul's Menagerie)
Granite Temper X 5 (for Gothic made from Gargoyle Granite in Mistmoore Catacombs)
Sand Temper X 0 (for Sandblasted made from Sand Verbena in Takish'Hiz)

Final Note: If you are making, buying or getting a friend to make this armor, keep in mind that this armor is "sized" like old world armor.
Small: Gnome, Halfling, Elf**, Dwarf, Frog
Medium: Human, Half-elf, Elf**, Erudite, Iksar, Barbarian, Frog, Vah-Shir
Large: Barbarian, Troll, Ogre, Iksar, Vah-Shir

*incomplete lists
**Elf = Wood Elves, High Elves and Dark Elves

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I have a smithing skill of 201 and a brewing skill of 200, and I foage but actually need to get into groups doing the dungeons to do so. Spending a lot of time lfg lately.

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=-/ those chain links are kind of disapointing!! lol....

but the top chain armor you can buy in one of the LDoN zones is pretty to just save 1400-ish points !! lol!!