Krypt's skills - also GM AUGS!!!!

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Hi all, just wanted to post my skills to benefit all who may need. i'll reverify them later since this post will be from memory:

All Tradeskill come with Salvage 3

Tailoring: 290 (also 8%+TM3) - specialize in Dark elf DoN cultural gear. also make most of my Master's diety augs with this. i'm at the 60% hard cap for success for cultural gear so cant get any better on server.

Smithing: 234 (also 5%+SM1) - have begun work on DE DoN plate and chain gear as well.

Pottery: 164
Baking: 193
Jewel : 194
Brew : 175
Fletch : 191

Research: 200 NEC.....also 195 WIZ (both +5%)

ALSO new and improved....... GM AUGS!!!!! just catch me in game and we can discuss details.

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Krypt's skills - also GM AUGS!!!!

Nice work Krypt Smiling

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update smith/tailor and NEW bazu aug parts

just updating my skills:

Tailor : GM 300 (+15%, TM3) best you can get =p

Smith: 266 (+5%, BM3)

of course still specializing in DE cultural, also can now make Exalted and Sublime augs.

NEW!!!  Bazu aug components-  Bazu Seals, mechanoinstructions

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Nice work Krypt.  Just a

Nice work Krypt.  Just a little insight on the Bazu and last blood augs we should start seeing soon.. hopefully this list is accurate.

Start saving up that DKP!!!!! 

Actually I bet if I looked Keeper Bonzz probably has a more accurate list.  I will keep looking

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Originally Posted by midnoctus "Some Necs can Kite in a phone booth"