need forages

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to all of our foragers, if you happen accross any of these forages, please save them and post here. thank you.

Seahorse Roe - Erudin's Crossing - needed for LoY erudin int caster robes
Bamboo Shoots - Stonebrunt Mountains - same as above
Surefall Sap - Quenos Hills - needed for surefall rangers trail juice, will be handing these out ot requests once i can get to making them.

Hopefully with some assistance, I can get my tailoring and brewing at least to near 200 with these forages. Thanks again.

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If i forage any of these, they are yours!

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I have a stack or two of these, I think, in the bank: Surefall sap.

Buzz me if you see me online, and I will get them to you.

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I may or may not have a bamboo shoot from SB. I was gonna do a nice quested sword for Dewery, but kind of gave up on it when I saw the difficulty for what would now be a sword that isn't much better or maybe even worse than what I typically wield. So if i have that shoot, its horse. That said, I am almost 100% sure that mobs drop it in SB. I think the pandas. They also drop gems and may even give you a little exp. Should be easy kills. You need not wait for a long time on those (= Check out allakazam's beastiery tho to make sure i'm giving accurate info. lol. i've had a very very tough week.

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