Epic Wednesdays

Tonight was a light night, but we still managed to accomplish a few kills. We started off the night by taking out Hardolmer's epic mob in PoN. It was a pretty fun 24 man event, that was easily won. =D Grats Hardolmer.
We then went to MPG for a 2.0 kill for Xter. Lighting Caller down! Grats Xter.
We finished up the night by heading into RSS and taking out a ranger 2.0 mob for Keavun. Grats Keavun!
2 really nice items droped from these fights as well. Grats to Duddiees on your new shield and grats to Ratmonkey Zhiztakha on your new legs.
Epic drops, cool loot, and hanging out with friends. What a great way to spend a night. =)


monk 1.5 epic kill 7th hammer

I could use some help to kill the 7th hammer for monk epic 1.5 probably about 2 to 3 groups. Stridar and I obtained the mark of justice which each group leader needs to have to get to the seventh hammer.