Keepers Pass Matta Murums Tests!

Keepers of the Glade passed all of Overlord Matta Murum's Tests and gained access to his Citiadel. Soon we will be rampaging though his Sanctum!



DAMN you work HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME miss my passing all the trials!! I guess the luck of the pink has worn out. Now I'll have to be GIMPED into YET ANOTHER ZONE *Dramatic sigh* Anyone see a pattern to this??

Now do I really want my Sewer Sig, last sig I need, or my Ally faction in Katta for better gear, decisions, decisions. Well I better make up my mind soon cuz I'm logging in at midnight central time. 4 hours and counting
*Rulodar INC!!!!!*

*Rulodar Sings*

*Rulodar Sings*


Grats everyone!!!!  Gezz I leave the game and you guys get anguished keyed...I see how this works LOL.  Well I wont be online til earliest the 22nd, getting DSL but they not going to install it until the 22nd unfortunately.  Well GRATS again and take take all.

Dark Elf Shadow Knight 75 seasoned

Dark Elf Necromancer 45 seasoned