Keldovan, Ture and Warden Hanvar Defeated

Keepers of the Glade defeated 3 of Mata Murams greatest Minions, the Riftseeker Keldovan the Harrier and his Chimera and Ferran pets, Ture the greatest Chimara in Discord and Warden Hanvar and his guards.


Anguish mobs

Congratulations Keepers!!!!   Great job wish I could have been there.  I am working HARD on completing my sigs so I can join you.  Hopefully will be raiding Anguish with you soon.

Dark Elf Shadow Knight 75 seasoned

Dark Elf Necromancer 45 seasoned

Nice one you guys. Was that

Nice one you guys. Was that the first run yall did? Quite impressive. I always knew yall had it in you.

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