The End of the Muramite Invasion

This weekend the Keepers of the Glade Defeated the Leaders of the Muramite Invasion of Norath. We invaded Tacvi and defeated all of Tunat'Muram Cuu Vauax's Lieutenents and then defeated the General of the invasions, Tunat Muram himself. KOTG Complete another Expansion! Overlord Mata Muram and Vishimtar are next along with Demiplane of Blood.


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So honored and proud of US

Grats to us, very focused we were last night. I only wishI had the energy to make it to the final fight..

I cannot believe I missed

I cannot believe I missed this. Grats to all who attended...Tunat is a heckuva fun fight...all of you that were present know that your accomplished something.

Also, grats to whoever finished up their BiC!! 


I see you guys did great with me in Arizona. Super job Keepers!


Which way to the nearest Pizza Parlor?

Which way to the nearest Pizza Parlor?