Two, Seven and Nine

Keepers of the Glade faced and Defeated Emperor Dragun's Council. The council Avatar could not defend them against us. Now we make plans to enter Draygun's citadel and defeat him.
Later we confronted and defeated two of the eldest Scrykin, Zomm and Porthio. Now we must face their Eldest Brother, Daosheen.


Daosheen is no push over we

Daosheen is no push over we will need some serious organizing on this guy Smiling basically all the caster stan on the ramp and are guarded from the mists which is a very trialing deal or B we can have a necro parked at every stone and fight daosheen down on his lvl which is risky because if the MT/SA go down we are finished Smiling Mob is Perma rooted to his pad from what i here Smiling will be looking forward to this fight but skipp it if its possible it is a pain.