Guardian Secruity

Overvolt Rigister sent me word that he had finished going over the engineering room schematics and had a new job for my team. He needed a security clearance cube in order for his salvage bots to roam freely around the Guardian. He thinks the security officer in the Central Defense Systems room on the 3rd floor has them.

Steamfactory, Pirates and Fire Goblins

Several of the gnomes at the crashed airship in Fortress Mechnatus asked me to infiltrate the Steam Factory and perform various missions. Engineer Springfap was looking for blueprints of the power station so that he could duplicate them for the airship. The Clockwork warmarshall also asked me to eliminate as many steamworks as possible.

Shady Situations

I continued to do work for Clerics and Paladins of Camp Valor as well as some tasks for the necromancers who were farming body parts in the graveyards of Hills of Shade. I also ran across the Human and elven spirits who seem to be reenacting events leading up to the the curse.

Terminating the Taelosean Tyrant

Word reached us that all of Tunat'Muram Cuu Vauax's Lieutenants had returned to Tacvi. We gathered a large force and invaded Tacvi again. After eliminating his Pixtt and remaining 4 Zun'Murams we confronted the Tunat'Muram himself. It turned out that he was a doppleganger and the real Tunat'Muram was hidden behind the wall. We confronted him again and he used his powers of illusions to change form into copies of his Pixtt and Zum'murams, gaining thier abilities for a short time.

Council, Eron, Bloodmoon and the Guardian

Brother Darkwater send word that it was time to eliminate Emperor Draygun's Council of Nine. He warned us that the Council had placed thier power into another Shiliskin empowering him into their Avatar. We entered the Council chamber and confronted the Avatar. As the fight went on council members joined in the fight and as we slew each one, the Avatar got weeker until we final destroyed the entire council.

Bloodeye and other Battles

Its been an eventfull couple of weeks. First in our continuing campaign against the forces of discord we eliminated Battlemaster Rhorious, 2nd in command to the military govoner of the City of Dranik and his staff. All that remains to free the city is to remove Zun`Muram Volklana from power. Later I lead a small force to aid Gurtrude by locating her spys in the S.H.I.P. workshop and obtaining thier reports. At the request of her third spy we also obtained Power Stabilization Notes from the Power Operations manager.

The Signet of Command and Tunat's Lieutenants

Taking the key we had obtained in our last visit to Txevu, the Keepers of the Glade unlocked the far north door and found Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk and his 2 Ixt Inquisitors allong with 4 Ikaav summoners. The Summoners had finally broken through the barrier between dimesions and were summoning reinforcements from the Plane of Discord. We engaged the new arrivals and started killing off the Summoners. We had heard that Tkarish Zyk was enchanted so that he could only be damaged by another member of discord and our skillfull enchanters cooerced a Mastraq to attack the Zun'Muram.

Txevu Exploration

The Keepers of the Glade traveled into Txevu and came accross a gladiator pit presided over by the Champion of the Mastraq. Cesarre accepted his challange to face the Runt and defeated him. Seeing that one of the outsiders had defeated one of their gladiators, the Champion called on the mistress of the pit, Ixt Hsek Syat and both of them attacked us. We defeated them and obtained a strange Polished stone key.

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First Ticket ! !

I got my first ticket yesterday...

Continuing To Help Akanon and Katta Castrum

Over the Past week or two, I continued to assist the Ak'anon Strike force. I provided Tabazin Gearflinger with parts needed for rebuilding the Albatross salvaged from destroyed steamworks as well as removing structural support bolts from oil rigs and the recycler platform. Gurtrude asked me to disable the recycler, I was not able to do this but I did destroy the Waste Management Director steamwork which should hinder their operations.

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