Secrets of Faydwer

Its been awile since I updated my journal. Since Medrath the Melignant launched his Fortress Mechonatus and attacked Ak'anon we have been busy try to help the gnomes as well as the Fangbreakers and Ladies of the Light. After the fortress took off we were able to use the Meldrath's tunnels to access the Dragonscale Hills and Loping Planes. Though we still have problems with the forces of Discord, the Dragons in Antonica, Darkhollow, Serpant Spine and the Buried Sea, we decided we need to at address the problem of Meldrath before he gets out of hand.

Working for the Wraithguard

Lately we have been doing work for the Wraithguard. First Seargent Aerik asked for help bringing the other races back under control by elimintating their leadership and Warden Hrosigar asked us to bring him the head of the orc shaman Sarook. After we completed these tasks, Hrosigar asked me to remove the Shade Warning Crystals around Frostcrypt. Some of the we found trapped will living crystal shards be we were able to defeat those and eliminate the shades early warning system.

Corruption in Direwind

Remembering that I had promised to investigate the corruption among the Darkroot in Direwind, I lead a group to investigate the Darkroot Gardens. The Darkroot gardeners and even Ararkeen, Eater of the Dead tried to stop us, but we defeated them and recovered some plaguespores. We brought them to Anderak and he determined that we would have to destroy Moldmaster Ganji to stop the corruption among the Darkroot. We met much resistance on the way to him and found him surronded by Darkroot orcids which protected him. Despite this we were able to destroy the corrupted mushroom lord.

Corruption of Ro

I took a group back though the time portal in the Ruins of Tak'Aziz. At the Request of Shalowen the Pure we investigated a group of Tunare's priests who no longer attended the temple. Tracking them to the figurine of Tunare we discovered the idol of tunare had been broken up and corrupted. After bringing this to Shalowen we conronted Elder Priest Nalderin and chased the coward through all the levels of the Shrine. We discovered a scroll of Ro on him and realized the Priests now served Soluzek Ro. The Scroll contained instructions for creating the key to the Upper area of the Shrine.

Undead Pirates

I traveled back to the Buried sea with some companions and continued helping Gus Longear with his investigations into the shipping lane problems around Deadbone Ilseland. On previous forays to the ilse we determined that it is not the wildlife or the natives that are causing prolblems. This left the undead. After fighting our way though numourous drowned pirates, we disturrbed Rum Red, known to be a lieutenant of the infamous undead Kenox. Despite his control of pirana in the waters we defeated him and took this information back to Gus.

Rikkukin the Defender and other things.

Captain Burina ask us to go talk to Rikkukin the Defender on the Peak of the Ascent and warn him that the Dark Reighn was about to attack. Despite our warnings and good will Rikkukin attacked us. After a fierce battle with the dragon we defeated him.
The next day I was in Undershore and spoke with an exiled Drachnid going by the name of Hourglass. He asked us to destroy some of the Gargoyles and retrieve the souls of undead Drachnids in Ilsalin.

Fire and Ice

In my continuing quest to free the elemental spirits imprisoned by the forces of discord, we confronted two of the most powerfull riftseekers, Herrian Warfrost and Craftmaster Tieranu. From them I recieved a Ring of Warmth to protect from the element of Ice and Hoarfrost Wand to absorb it. Adding these to the cage, The redwood treant infromed me that all I needed now is to find the power that binds the spirit of cold and ice and place it in the cage.

Exploring Txevu and Cleaning Ashengate

In our attempts to end the Muramite menace in Talosia we started exploring Txevu and eliminated several high level Aneuk and Ixt leaders. We were going to challanege the Muramite Champion in the arena, but it seems he was out on patrol that day.

Mask of the Dead Effretti

After obtaining the complete set of effretti armor peices I delivered them to the Effretti Noble Phren. He interpreted the runes on them and they seemed to be directions to a variation on the Order Puzzle of the Sphinx Mahatototarit. I began the puzzle again and followed the new order. The Configuration summoned the missing Effretti Paza back from the grave and he gave me a mask and a cryptic message. The mask seems to give the ability to trasform in to the Spectral Essence of an Effretti.

Minions of Mata'Murum Defeated

The Keepers of the Glade defeated 3 of Overlord Mata'muram's senior minions. First we confronted the Riftseeker Keldovan the Harrier who keeps the Chimera and Feran kennels in the Citadel of Anguish. Killing his charges seemed to weeken him and we defeated him. I found a Muramite Cruelty Medal on him, and realized that this must be the muramite Tibor told me had killed his friend Ethask.

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