Cipher of Texvu Obtained

The Keepers of the Glade made another foray into the Chapel of Inktu'ta. We defeated Kelekdrix and then moved though the stonemight infested tunnels, freeing 4 more Trushar who had been locked in a nightmare state. After fighting our way though the rows of golems we arrived too late to save Jomica from the Cursebearer whose touch disolved his internal organs.

Katta Castrum Portal Repair

Omegga and a team of portal repair specialists repaired the final set of portals in Katta Castrum. Fulic provided skillfull distractions to the Shissar garrisons at the portals so the team could repair them. These portals are now safe for travel.

Keepers Pass the Proving Ground Trials and Infiltrate Citidel of Anguish

The Keepers of the Glade passed the Trials of Mata Muram and infiltrated the Citadel of Anguish. While Keldovan the Harrier and Ture repelled our attempts to defeat them and gain access to the Overlord's Inner sactum, we did incapacitate manage do to incapacitate many officers in the Overlord's army including Vilria the Keeper,


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necros rule. take care!! :P 

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New and improved search

The site wide search should be much smarter now.  Before if you entered "run" you would get results for "run" and only run.  Now if you search for "run" you'll get results for "run", "runs", "running" etc.

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Image test

This is a test of uploading images. While this image has nothing to do with EQ, it is a good example.

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Another update

Links page
Mark all as read
KOTG Logo (and nifty icon).

Theme (look of the site)
Install the new tinymce which fixes the problems with Internet Explorer.

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Private Messages & New Recruits

Good news, more updates to the site.

You can now send and receive private messages. Just click on "My Inbox" in the main navigation.

I fixed a permission problem that would stop authenticated users (but not with the member role) from being able to post in the forums at all.

I'm adding more news to the News aggregator. Let me know if you visit a game related site that serves rss feeds (yep, you can private message me with it!)

I still have planned:
The KOTG logo
The Links Page
Mark all as read for the forums.


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Site Setup

Well, the new site is now up.  There are a few things I'd like to finish up this weekend.

  1. I think posting has issues if you don't have full html enabled
  2. I'm not sure if non members can post on the boards
  3. I've really got to work on the look of this site

... and eventually I would like to add the real roster back.


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