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Wahnil earns 2.0!

Keepers of the Glade stormed into Nobles' Causeway on Wednesday night, and lay a brutal beating on the Warrior 2.0 final mob, Kurbuk Brimblade. Sure, he looked strong on the outside, but in the end, KOTG stomped all over him like he was a gnoll pup or something. Big congrats to Wahnil on earning the dangerous 2.0, Kreljnok's Sword of Eternal Power! Wield it with pride!

The Cynosure Is Defeated

Keepers of the Glade defeated The Cynosure tonight, ensuring he would not reopen the conduit to Discord.  Also defeated were his lieutenant Iqthinxa and her Ravs as well as the 3 elite M'shas assigned to assult Inkta'tu.  We think The Trusik Priest Noquiefel may have the final clue to entry into Txevu and we will confont him soon.

Vrex Barxt Qurat Stoped from Harnesing the Powers of Destruction

The Keepers of the Glade stormed though Uqua and defeated Vrex Barxt Qurat preventing him from harnessing the powers of Discord and Destruction and possibly opening a new conduit to the Plane of Discord. We now will turn our attention to defeating the Muramite forces in Qvic and find a way to enter the Fortress of Txevu and defeat the the Muramite leadership.

Weekend Raid Recap

Friday night Keepers stormed Ikky 4 to flag more of our raid force, and to load up on some cool neato spiffy loot.

Saturday night, we tried Uqua again. We came SOOOO close this time. We had the Braxt down to 2% before we lost everyone. We'll get it soon! Keep up the great work keepers.

Epic Wednesdays

Tonight was a light night, but we still managed to accomplish a few kills. We started off the night by taking out Hardolmer's epic mob in PoN. It was a pretty fun 24 man event, that was easily won. =D Grats Hardolmer.
We then went to MPG for a 2.0 kill for Xter. Lighting Caller down! Grats Xter.
We finished up the night by heading into RSS and taking out a ranger 2.0 mob for Keavun. Grats Keavun!
2 really nice items droped from these fights as well. Grats to Duddiees on your new shield and grats to Ratmonkey Zhiztakha on your new legs.

Productive week for the Keepers!

My apologies to everyone for falling behind on the news.

We started out the week on Wednesday by completing several rogue 2.0 events for Utdar. Congrats Utdar!

Time harvest finished.

We finished our harvest of Time and sewed some new seed. Flawless victory on Quarm. Lots of loot for all. Smiling Now its time for the crops to grow again as we await for a new harvest.

Keepers survey the Time crops.

Keepers stroll into the fields of Time and begin plucking loot from the ripe mobs.  We all soon grew full and decided to come back later on in the week to finish the harvest.  Way to go Keepers!  Grats to all on your time loot.  More to come soon.

Keepers - 1- Ikky4 - 0

Keepers walk up to the plate and smack several home runs to take the early lead. We cleared to mid zone with realtive ease. As people started to tire and ware from the game, Ikky4 began to catch up. The Keepers did not give up though. 1 out, 2 outs, SMACK. Grand Slam! Keepers win the Ikky Series! Keepers win! Grats to everyone that participated and helped take down ikky4. Grats to all the winners and their loot. Next stop Uqua!.

Breaking News! Niendra completes 1.5 epic

Congrats to Niendra on completing her 1.5 epic, The Crafted Talisman of Fates. When asked to comment on her recent success, she said with a smile "Thank you all, for all your help"

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