Elven Spirits and Conquering Rage

I returned to the Mysterious stranger and recieved the eyes of Kirathus from him. He sent me to the elven spirit village to experience the events from the Kirathus point of view. I spoke with Valthun Woodwatcher and he sent me to look for his Daughter Amber. I found her out by the large oak and spoke with her, but she refused to return. I brought this new to Vathan and he wanted me to speak with her friends and find out what was going on. After speaking with several of them, Della said, 'I'm worried about Amber.

Prophecies and Spirits

I again to a force into the Demi-plane of Blood and we faced Zi-Thuuli of the Granite Claw who guarded the enterence. Upon defeating him I was able to recover a stone etched in runes. Back in Dreadspire Keep, I took the stone to Irrissa the Seer, who said, 'Ah, Omegga. You have returned. I have watched as you walked your path. The reflecting pool has shown me of your feats. You were introduced to the cruel and unpredictable malice of Graniteclaw and lived to tell about it. Now I sense that you wish to understand more.

Fendan's Favors

Earlier this week I met a new arrival in the tower in Dragon Scale Hills, Fendan Helter. He said to me "'Hey there Omegga! You look like just my kind of adventurer! Do I have an opportunity for you! Why don't you come over here and we'll discuss the riches and adventures that can be yours?' I asked about the opportunity and he replied, "'Yes, yes! I alone am in a rather unique and fortunate position and lucky for you I'm willing to allow you to work for me! You see I happen to be close personal friends with nearly everyone in this part of the world.

Blackwater Blues

The mysterious stranger in the Hills of Shade provided us with a mask that would fool the Blackwater spirits into thinking we were one of their own. We traveled to the Blackwater Encampment and came across a man named Javis on the beach. He was looking for his helper Fendal and sent me to find him. I found Fendal drinking in the pup and informed Jarvis. Jarvis said Fendal had been acting strange lately and asked us to chat with him and find out what. We bought him drinks but could get nothing out of him so we decided to humor his suggestion to get him Absinthe.

More Darkhollow Diversions

Tisthal Gimblecranz, a clockwork in Corathus Creep had a new job for me. He needed skins used by skinwalkers for his studies. He sent me to the hive to collect some. They were stored in the top levels of the hive towers and we had to eliminate many skinwalkers guarding the chests of skins. After we had collected two of them we heard Palix, the Preserver in the basement and went after him and obtained a third hide. I delivered the hides to Tisthal and he complemented me by saying I was not as useless as he thought.

I.R.A., The Brownie Queen and Vrald's Brother

Word reached me that Whizzlebang Twempt was creating a new Clockwork weapon to send against the forces of Meldrath. I visited him in Steamfont Moutnains and he said he indead had developed a new weapon, an Infinitely Regenerative Automaton or I.R.A. and needed some voluteers to test it. I gathered a force of about 30 Keepers of the Glade and we entered Timinizer's Wunderworks where he was testing it. The IRA was extremely strong and carried smaller clockworks which it released periodically. It also had an acid weapon which was effective against armor.

Fires and Assassins

Kanetheus Forestwalker sent for my team again. The Dark Reign has been using goblin allies to spot movements of the Keepers of Norrath and singnal them from the ascent. We traveled to the top and eliminated the Snowfoot Signal Wardens and set a decoy fire which lead the Dark Reign troops into a trap.

Goblins and Orcs

The Wayfarer's Brotherhood sent me word that the Keepers of Norath were looking for some help again. I took a group to lavastorm mountains and spoke with Kanetheus Forestwalker who told me on of the previous goblin advisor's of Yarlir had obtained some of her scales and headed to the top of the Ascent to use them against us. My group climbed the Ascent and found him summoning air elemental storms. He had summoned 4 already and sent them after us. We defeated them and then elimininated the warlock stormcaller and retrieved the scales.

Pirate King and the Burning Lich

I found myself back in the Buried Sea. For a while I had been gathering pieces I had been complelled to find. It had started when Whent Goldpire in the Barren Coast had asked me to find a sentimental bone he had lost. I found it on a skeleton on Monkey Ilse in the Buried Sea. I showed it to Whent and he gave it back to me. As I traveled the other Ilses in the Buried Sea, I had been complelled to locate other pieces. They spoke to me of a Buring Lich and when I had gathered all of them all I felt I needed to forge them into a wand, Marnek's Wand of the Burning Dead.

Brain of the Guardian

Overvolt had another task for me. He needed somone to insert his Security Device 3000 into the Automated Matrix which controles all the steam tubes and elevators in the Guardian. In order to do this we had to first eliminate all four of the Mechano-Chassis operorators. After we completed that task he wanted us to obtain the memory module from MARGE, the controller of the Guardian. We did this, but the Guardian still seems locked on its path but now its complety mindless.

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