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Bertox Forums - New server board as of Spring 08.

Friends of KotG - other guilds sites

EverQuest News and Resources
AllaKhazam's Magical Realm - Great Quest and Equipment Info Site
EQ Vault - News and Information
Everquest - Official Verant/Sony Site
Ilias Everquest Bestiary - Everything you wanted to know about EQ MOBs
Planet Everquest - News and Information

Geographical Resources
EQ Atlas - Maps and Information
EQ Map Renderer - Pull up any map quickly
Mapfiend - Downloads for the in-game mapping feature

Class Resources
Bards - Bard Information Forums
Beastlord - Webiste and Forum
Druids - Druid Information and Community
Enchanters - Information and Community
Shaman - For all your Shamaning needs.
Wizard, Graffe's Compendium - Wizard Information and Community
The Steel Warrior - Warrior Information

Tradeskill Resources
EQ Trader's Corner - General Tradeskill Information
The Tinkering Compendium - Tinkering Resource

Miscellaneous Resources
EQ Interface - All your interface needs are here
Lucy - A great place for information on spells - Multiplayer Gaming Merchandise