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Recruitment Steps:

We have a few simple requirements you need to meet before you are eligible to join the Keepers of the Glade.

  1. You must be level 50 or higher.
  2. You must have completed the recruitment process.
  3. You must read and be familiar with guild Code of Conduct, Raid/Grouping and Loot Policies of the guild.
  4. You must be currently unguilded*

The recruiting process for the Keepers of the Glade has grown into a tradition, a rite of passage. It’s basically a four-step process designed to show your interest, flexibility and ability to work with others.

Step 1) Post your interest on these boards (First Register, then post in "Recruits' Moot") with basic information about yourself and your character. This feature of the process is currently being revamped, so please post the level and class of your character in your introductory post in this forum. Also what times you normally play and what time zone.
Step 2) Group with current Keepers of the Glade. Most of us have alternate characters; we can group with folks of just about any level. Ask for a group here and arrangements will be made to get you into a Keepers' hunting group. Be yourself, play well; get to know the people you are grouped with and let them get to know you. We are a very social group of people. Warning: don't bother showing off your courage and daring, trying to impress your groupmates with your uber skills, it usually leads to foolish risks that can get your group killed. We are looking for players that know the wisdom of using tactics designed to win the battle, achieve the goals - not continuously deplete everyone’s health and mana in an insane rush to level no matter the cost.
Step 3) Achieve a Sponsor (s). Sponsors must be a regular member in the guild and in good standing. Recruits may not sponsor anyone till they are a regular member. You usually gain sponsors through the grouping process. You may ask people to sponsor you once you have grouped with them. However, it is the responsibility of a guild member to answer in the best interests of the guild.

Hope to see you in guild chat soon.
*Guilded persons wishing to join are considered on a case by case bases.