An Everquest Guild on the Bertoxxulous (Tholuxe Paells) server.

Future Friday Nights

On to other news we are approaching the time where we will have filled almost everyones 2.5 needs and are reaching out to the Keepers who are enjoying these Friday night raids to older targets.  Please leave comments with suggestions on targets you would like to see taken down. :)  I am excited to see some of this old content so please keep the suggestions coming.

Keepers 2.5 Pages

Well I want to start by saying a big congratulations to all our 2.5 page holders.  We have done well to get as many pages as we have.  In saying that I have our page holders listed as :















Auditions Tonight

Auditions were held in the Demi Plane tonight.  Those who had prepared both their minds and voices gathered in the dining room to assist the Performer.  They faced the bards and those who proved to be well versed prepared for their performance.  We vowed to lend our voices and swords to their cause and avenge the Performer who's rights were being taken from him even in death.  As the performance started a few succumbed to stage fright but as the night went on regained their composure as the show must go on.  It looked at one point as if even the Performer himself wa

2010 Review and 2011 look ahead

2010 saw the merger of servers once again, which proved beneficial for KOTG. We developed an alliance with OOTAD (Order of the Ancient Dragons), a guild from the Saryrn server, and begain raiding and sharing DKP with them. Later, we also developed a raid alliance (also with DKP) with Chosen Prophecy. The new House of Thule expansion has seemingly proven to be popular and fun for most. Between all this, KOTG took out new targets with the raid alliances.

Keepers First 2.5

In the distance a faint green glow appears.  The light which appears to be floating in mid air is moving slowly closer.  Severely mired in crimson mist a lone Druid appears from the Demi Plane.  A single staff clutched in her hand and the green light is burning at the tip.  The Druid badly worn from the trek but not broken stands proudly next to her staff.  The two appear as if to be leaning on each other stronger for having endured this journey together.  In her other hand you can see a single page.  The words are hard to make out but you know they are po

Mad Mary-Anne and Avalanche Fall

Joint raid force defeated both Mad Mary-anne and Avalanche tonight.  Two new targets that have fallen to us.

Hatchet Axed

Keepers and their WTF Allies defeated Hatchet.  After a long fight with many deaths and rezes we succeded in trapping hatchet 4 times and defeating him.  We now prepare to face Devlin, Tris Wallow III, and Roley. 

Redfang Defeated

Keepers of the Glade and their allies in We The Forsaken defeated Sanguimanus the Redfang and his minions.  Redfang attacked with 4 minions and we battled ferociously.  He attempted to flee toward the end and summoned more minions who we entangeled with roots and snares and they crashed to the ground.  We caught Redfang again and defeated him.  We delivered his blood to Arturos the Bat Tamer who was sad to see that his prize pet had been twisted in the realm of the demiplane of blood.

Dragons Dragons Dragons

The Keepers met WTF and bravely prepared for battle.  After we all explained to Grusal what we expected of the dragons we were about to meet we were off.  Transported to not only a far off land but back in time.  To face our past the dragons of yesteryear.  We fought off lava, frost, ice, poison, stun, ancient, freeze, mezz and that was just their breath.  Equiped with gas masks and breath mints the old world dragons were no match for us.  From dragons that no longer exist to a dragon who is trapped in time.  We met with Quarm and seperated him from his heads.  Next we all took a long look

The Master Banishes Brenda and Christine

The Keepers assisted Althea in getting her two sisters banished from the Demi Plane of blood. First Wailing Sisters win!

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