Origins and Charter

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To understand those known as Keepers of the Glade, one must realize the history of those individuals who have grown to form this society. For this, we must start at the very beginning of creation. As the light dawned across the splintered realities of Norrath, many souls were awakened. Though dimly aware of things beyond their own perceptions, most still clung to the surroundings in which they found themselves. Thus for a great time did they do battle amongst distant splinters of this shared reality.

But time wore on, and the souls grew restless. Some were disenchanted with the life of adventure they'd led, while others grew angry at the world, and railed against the constraints laid upon them. Still, others did manage to survive, and persevere, though some seeds of unrest were sowed deep within even those.

After a great deal of time, the souls of these folk were inexorably pulled to a new splinter of Norrathian reality. Some took roost in forms familiar to them, while others were thrust into new and strange bodies. All found themselves within this new place, inexperienced, young, and penniless. Yet with their lust for adventure, soon they set out into the world (known to them as Tholuxe Paells) so as to make their mark upon a new shard.

In the past, many of their number had been explorers, trackers, and hunters. They had been attuned to the natural order of Norrath. Soon the many like-minded souls were drawn together, often from a great distance. It was as if an otherworldly force compelled them to seek each other out, thus to better find fast friends and allies. Thus were the founders of the Keepers of the Glade to meet. Drawn across the lands in search of those great of heart, and true in spirit.

Rapidly, their numbers grew. First there were a dozen, then two, and on the ranks grew, just as they even today still do. With this swelling of force, the Keepers of the Glade have made great strides across Norrath. Many denizens of foul dens have met their match when faced with a contingent of Keepers. Just as many more shall fall before the combined might of the Keepers in the future.

Reality of the Keepers

We have come to Tholuxe Paells originally as members of the Rangers' Glade community. Many of us have been (or still are) members of the Ranger profession. As such, we have an open view with regards to hybrid classes in general, and Rangers is specific. All members of our guild are expected to share a respect for all classes and their abilities. It's one of the foremost tenants of our organization.

In the beginning, we heard about the opening of a new non-split server, and a young ranger (who would become Iceslayer on Tholuxe Paells) suggested that we form a new guild, dedicated to welcoming all Rangers from the Glade. A number of people immediately signed on for this, some of us reactivating our accounts (myself included) for the specific purpose of starting the guild. As the days went on, Tholuxe became more and more populated by folk from the Rangers' Glade. Eventually we managed to get enough folk together in one spot to form the Keepers of the Glade, and the rest has been a nonstop run of adventure and excitement!

Our stated purpose is to provide a home for Rangers from every distant reality. Even if all they wish to do is chat and never raise their bow in anger, that's more than fine with us. We came to Tholuxe Paells to create a haven, and strive to do so every day. All those Rangers who wish to join in are welcome to do so, no matter what form they find themselves in now.