Pet Power Increase Augments

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I've have been doing some research on pet aug and thought I'd post them. Pet Augment effects have the Effect Pet Power Increase (x) where x is in increments of 5 usually. Most post seem to think x is the % increase over the unaugmetned pet. In my list I start with Level 1 being x=5 and each level x increases by 5. R is a raid mob. R? listed as raid but may be 1 groupable now by 70+. Mages and Necros have a Power (5) and Power (10) effect but I havent been able to find one for Beastloards.

Level 1 - Pet Power Increase (5)

Level 2 - Pet Power Increase (10)

Level 3 - Summoner's Boon - Pet Power Increase (15) - Pet Levels 59-70 (posts say it does not work corrcetly past 65)
Diamond Prism of Companionship - 760 LDON Points - Tak
Chaos-Imbued Platinum Band - Elite Dragorn Jekisia (R?) - The Bloodfields

Level 4 - Minion of Darkness - Pet Power Increase (20) - Pet Levels 59-75
Sphere of Swarming Darkness - 360 Ebon Crystals - Lavastorm Mountains
Orb of Swarming Darkness - 360 Radient Crystals - Lavastorm Mountains
Sphere of Swirling Flame - Balancer Relik - Riftseekers' Sanctum
Enchanted Harpy Blade - a griffon enforcer - Blackfeather Roost
Gloves of Dark Summoning - Thall Va Kelun (R?) - Vex Thal

Level 5 - Minion of Eternity - Pet Power Increase (25) - Pet Levels 59-75
Tenish's Silk Armor with Tranluscent Powersource (N, M, B) - Quest - Crescent Reach
Ruby Ring of Embellishment - Primal Arachnid, Primal Reptile, Primal Insect - Yxtta, Pulpit of Exiles
Dentrik's Dementia - Drentik the Mad - Valdeholm
Symbol of Ancient Summoning - Bertoxxulous (Plane of Time) (R) - Plane of Time B
Flamestone of the Arcane - Vrex Xalkak Nixki, Guardian of Transcendence (R) - Ikkinz: Trial of Transcendence (Ikky3)
Pyrique's Belt - Pyrique Redwing (R) - Wall of Slaughter
Summoner's Rune Belt - Volkara (R) - Lavaspinner's Lair: Volkara's Bite

Level 6 - Ritual Summoning - Pet Power Increase (30) - Pet Levels 61-75
Abysmal Armor Sandals - GoD Armor Quest - Abysmal Sea (Requires Muramite Boot Armor drops from Qvic or higher)
Eye of the Labyrinth Dweller - Battlemaster Rhorious Chest (R) - The Ruined City of Dranik
Hood of Oblivion - Oblivion - Sunderock Springs
Magmaraug's Burning Essence - Brimstone Juggernaut - Ashengate, Reliquary of the Scale
Cherished Companion Shard - LDON Ruj Raid - Ruj

Level 7 - Minion of Discord - Pet Power Increase (35) - Pet Levels 61-75
Gemstone of Dark Flame - Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk (R) - Txevu, Lair of the Elite
Zulaqua's Cloak - Queen Pyrilonis (R) - Riftseekers' Sanctum
Ashen Orb of the Blightpyre - Pyre Lord Narseekin (R) - Direwind Cliffs

Level 8 - Servant of Chaos - Pet Power Increase (40) - Pet Levels 66-75
Tier 2 OOW Armor Sandals (N, M, B) - Requires Anguish named drops (R) and MPG/RSS trash drops. - Nobles' Causeway

Level 9 - Servant of Chaos - Pet Power Increase (45) - Pet Levels 66-75
Vermilion Batfur Sash - Sanguimanus the Redfang Chest (R) - Demi-Plane of Blood

Level 9 - Servitor of Scale - Pet Power Increase (45) - Pet Levels 71-75
Terraxs's Silk Armor (Part 2) Sleeves - Requires Frostcrypt or Ashengate Raid chest drops and A Large Translucent Powersource - Crescent Reach
Burning Heart of Sothgar - Chest from Sothgar or Stitch (R) - Ashengate, Reliquary of the Scale

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