2.0 Checklist

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Berserker 2.0
IV - Missing Student
[ ] Hail Keras
[] Go to the Hole and Hail Julei Direaxe. Follow her and retrieve medal for Keras.

V - Enhancing the axe
[ ] Hand in Medal, Hail Keras, Say 'enhance my axe' 'what other items of power?' 'what gems?' 'what metals?'
[ ] Hail Greeble Blacktoe in Steamfont Mountains. EDIT: [can skip this part, it's just there for information]
[ ] Loot or buy a Lightning Core, off any lightning mob in MPG (rare drop)
[ ] Hail Tarvash Scriller, say "I want information" (or "what gems") EDIT: He is located in the western part of the bloodfields zone, on the zonewall due west of the crater where there is a small broken part of wall/masonry, he's a dwarf.
[ ] Hand Tarvish 50 gold-or 5 platinum
[ ] Hand Tarvish 50 platinum
[ ] Kill Bazu Smasher in NC, Loot a Facetted Gemstone. EDIT: (FULL RAID:-he's on recent maps)
[ ] Hail Grithyank Avlonnon in RCOD (he's on recent maps), say 'I wish to enhance my axe' 'I wish to learn more about it' EDIT: [can skip this part, it's just there for information]
[ ] Kill Ancient Shade in Griegg's End Loot Shadowed Lump of Bronze,EDIT: (at the very southern/east end of GE there is a room appendaged on the botom of the map, shade is there:-2-3 good groups)
[ ] In Citadel of Anguish, Loot a "globe of discordant energy"
[ ] Hand in Lightning Core, Facetted Moonstone, Shadowed Lump of Bronze, and your 1.5 to keras, recieve a Unhoned Vengeful Taelosian Blood Axe (or 1.6)
[ ] Hand in 1.6 & Globe to Grithyank Avlonnon, recieve Vengeful Taelosian Blood Axe