Elemental Empathy

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This quest results in the magician spell Elemental Empathy. Vera gives this text after completing the level 44 quest.

Vera says 'Thank goodness my sister is feeling better. While you were gone, I was able to figure out the exact healing power of the flicker liquid. I have transcribed it on this piece of parchment. Here, memorize this and may it serve you well. Now, if I can just figure out what sustains the lava elementals of Broken Skull. If you are up to it, I could use some [more assistance].

You say, 'I can offer more assistance'

Vera says 'Thank you. Apparently, from rumors I have heard here in the lighthouse, the luggalds use some form of serum to harness the minds of the pirates and make them into slaves. Not only do they control the slaves, but they have also found a way to make them stronger. I suspect if you could get me some of the substance that the luggalds use to stoke the flames of strength in their slaves, I could find a way to transform it into a form we could use on the elementals of our craft. Are you willing to take a chance and make a [dangerous journey]?

You say, 'I will make a dangerous journey'

Vera says 'Then journey deep into the mines of Torgiran and look for an elemental power on luggalds in the mines. Bring me three of the elements they use. I suspect they harness its power from the giant seam of lava splitting the mines.'

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