Magician Epic Spoiler

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/loc -967, -665

Say the following:

“hail Rykas”
“I am in search of knowledge”
“I wish to learn of the tale of Magi’kot”
(you get Token of Mastery)

/loc -62, 3639

Say the following:

“hail Jahsohn Aksot”
(give him Token of Mastery)
“Rykas gave it to me”
“yes i have come for the words of Magi’kot”
“what task”


1. Torn Page of Magi’kot pg. 1
off: Enraged Dread wolf, Dread wolf
in: Kithicor’s Woods

2. Torn Page of Magi’kot pg. 2
off: Tentacle Terror
in: The estate of unrest

3. Torn Page of Magi’kot pg. 3
off: Bloodthirsty Ghoul
in: Lower Guk

(Give to Jahsohn Aksot and you get: Words Of Magi’kot)

/loc -1848, 624

Say the following:

“hail Walnan”
“I am in search of the truth”
“I have come to learn of Magi”


1. Power of Wind
off: Gypsy Dancers
in: Mistmoore

2. Power of Earth
off: Faerie Guards
in: Lesser Faydark

3. Power of Fire
off: Blazing Elementals
in: Solusek’s Eye (Sol A)

4. Power of Water
off: Famished Ravener
in: Kaesora

(Give to Walnan and you get: Power of the Elements)

/loc (he spawns in differents spots)

Say the following:

“hail Akksstaff”
“Tell me about Magi”
“I wish to hear more”


1. Torn pages of Mastery: Water
2. Torn pages of Mastery: Earth
3. Torn pages of Mastery: Air
4. Torn pages of Mastery: Fire

off: all 4 drop off Magicians
in: all in Najena

(Give to Akksstaff and you get: Words of Mastery)

NOW GIVE Power of elements, Words of Magi’kot, and Words of Mastery to Rykas, and you get:
Power of the Orb


Say the following:

“hail Jennus Lyklobar”
“I wish to obtain the element of fire”


1. Torch of the Elements
off: Neh’Ashirr
in: The city of Mist

2. Burning Embers
off: Nezekezena
in: Burning Woods

3. Blazing Wand
off: Undertow
in: Kedge Keep

4. Power of the Orb

(Give to Jennus Lyklobar and you get: Element of Fire)


Say the following:

“hail Tiblner Milaik”
“I am interested in obtaining the Element of Earth”


1. Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth
off: Innoruuk
in: Plane of Hate

2. Dirt of Underfoot
off: Slixin Klex
in: Burning Woods

3. Broom of Trilon

4. Shovel of Ponz

(Give to Tiblner Milaik and get: Element of Earth)


Say the following:

“hail Jinalis Andir”
“I am interested in obtaining the Element of Water”


1. Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water
off: Phinigel Autropos
in: Kedge Keep

2. Tears of Erolisi
off: Captain Rottgrime
in: The Overthere

3. Rain of Karana
off: Trabul Earthstrider
in: East Karana

(Give to Jinalis Andir and you get: Element of Water)


Say the following:

“hail Kihun Sulstin”
“I seek the Element of Wind”


1. Crown of Elemental Mastery
off: Sphinx
in: Plane of Air (7th island)

2. Elemental Binder
off: Elemental Warrior
in: The Hole

3. Pegasus Feather Cloak
off: Quillmana
in: South Karana

(Give to Kihun Solstin and you get: Element of Wind)

!!!NOTE!!! you MUST do the whole quest but Kihun Solstin’s part last, because when you get the element of wind from him, then, and only then, will the MASTER OF ELEMENTS spawn. But once you get the Element of Wind from him, give all four Elements to the MASTER OF ELEMENTS and you are awarded the spell: summon orb. it summons out epic item.

I hope i got it all right, anyways, GL to all you mages out there that are currently working on you epics, trust me, its all worth it, and you may not want to be wanted in groups now, but once you got this, all you gotta shout is "lv57 mage LFG (oh yea, and i got orb of mastery)

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