SoD Warrior AA List

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Here's what will be added for us warriors, looks like another grindfest of AA's (approx. 800+) in addition to the new levels and skills we'll have to work on....... Sad


Blast of Anger - Extra rank to increase hate
Call of Challenge - Extra rank significantly reduces resists
Flurry - Extra ranks
Furious Rampage - Extra ranks
Gut Punch - Extra rank increases potency
Hastened Instigation - Extra ranks
Infused by Rage - The additional 3 ranks only increase the power of the proc
Press the attack - Additional rank increases the level the stun affects
Shield Specialist - extra ranks
Veteran's Wrath - extra ranks
Warlord's Tenacity - extra ranks

Fundament of Combat - This is a new set of AAs that every class gets. It involves one fundament AA and 3 spire AAs. You buy the first 3 ranks of the fundament and then you have to buy the first spire at 3 ranks in order to buy more. So, basically 3 ranks of Fundament, then 3 ranks of a spire, repeat until all bought. The fundaments are timer linked. One fundament itself increases hps by 10 and str cap by 1 for each rank.
Fundament: First Spire of the Warlord - Our first spire temporarily reduces an opponents ability to perform melee attacks
Fundament: Second Spire of the Warlord - Increases melee damage
Fundament: Third Spire of the Warlord - Increases mitigation and avoidance
Note: Spires are triggered with 10 min recasts with 1.5 min durations. They are linked so that you have to make a decision on which spire would best suit you at the moment.
Hastened Fortitude Discipline - 5 ranks of reduce Fort timer by 2 mins per
Hastened Furious Discipline - 3 ranks of reduce Furious timer by 2 mins per
Knee Strike - Strikes for damage and debuffs the mobs avoidance
Stomping Leap - Battle Leap with a stun
Vehement Rage - Altered version of Hold the Line, this one increases our damage at the cost of healing effectiveness
Warlord's Bravery - Reducing the amount of dmg taken for 15 attacks


Finishing Blow - extra ranks
Heightened Endurance - extra ranks
Weapon Affinity - extra rank
Ingenuity - extra ranks
Killing Spree - extra ranks

Empowered Ingenuity - The description reads that it increases the crit. dmg. with weapons, not sure how that is different from Veteran's Wrath. The name and req. imply that it should increase crits on procs.
Hardy Endurance - 5 ranks of 50 endurance cap increase
Armor of Wisdom - 5 ranks of increase AC
Extended Ingenuity - Increases the duration of clicky buffs


Battle Ready - extra rank
Discordant Defiance - extra ranks
Innate Regen - extra ranks
Combat Agility - extra ranks
Combat Stability - extra ranks
Delay Death - extra ranks
General Sturdiness - extra ranks
Natural Durability - extra ranks
Planar Power - extra ranks
Hasten Origin - extra ranks

Mental Fortitude - Grants an innate resistance to charm (this one worries me)