Spell Research Practice Runes

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Learned that the trivial loot code still exists in certain areas regarding spell practice rune components....specifically Griffon Feathers.

I farmed the Karanas killing approximately 40 Griffons, Griffanes, and whatever the other spelling is over the course of several hours only to come up with 5 feathers (not a good loot to kill ratio).

Lo and behold a level 20 mage entered the zone and began killing the same mobs recieving 2 feathers for about every 5 kills he made.

(oh yeah I'm trying to recruit him once he gets some levels on him, he was out there farming because that was the place to go when he use to play... I've got him headed to PC and Echo now **Shiftyeye** for future

Trivial Loot Codes have existed since the Warrens and Runneyeye were first added to Norrath allowing only lower level or should I say correct level toons to hunt mobs. Example: at one time my level 24 ranger grouped killing the sporali mold master (rare spawn of runneyeye) and receiving the haste gloves uber for that time however higher level toons killing that mob could not receive that drop because it only worked for toons of the same average level. The same still applies to pelt hunting
if you take a character of or slightly above the level to hunt pelts your quality ratio changes rather dramatically.

Long story short if you need griffon feathers for your spell research practice runes send a lower level toon to do an uber levels job Smiling
(time to break out my necro and ranger for farming)

Happy Hunting!