Tinkering Mastry AA

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Joined: 12/05/2004

These AA's do not show up as you do not get them in the usual manner.  Thank You Sinumbus for telling me how to get them and share the information with all the tinkering gnomes in the guild.  This is easy and if you pay better attention than I did will take about 5 minutes to do.

Start in the Gnome home maze of Ak'Anon and hail the tinkering vendor Rylin Coil.  He will give you a quest where he will have you tinker a stalking probe (all supplies for both the stalking probe and firewater can be purchased from him),  when you give him the stalking probe he gives you the books to get the AA's.  If you click on the book Tinkering Mastery I it uses 3 aa's and gives you the first level.  This also makes the Tinkering Mastry AA appear under the Omens tab.  Book 2 gives you second level for 6 aa and book 3 is 9 aa.

Hope all who will benefit from this find this a clear description of what is needed.  Thank you again for helping me Sinumbus.