2010 Review and 2011 look ahead

2010 saw the merger of servers once again, which proved beneficial for KOTG. We developed an alliance with OOTAD (Order of the Ancient Dragons), a guild from the Saryrn server, and begain raiding and sharing DKP with them. Later, we also developed a raid alliance (also with DKP) with Chosen Prophecy. The new House of Thule expansion has seemingly proven to be popular and fun for most. Between all this, KOTG took out new targets with the raid alliances. Targets downed for the first time (for KOTG) in 2010 include: All events in Solteris, Venomlord/Mindsheer/Parlorax (normal and hard), all events in the Tower of Discord, Deepscar, Mining Behemoth, Chief Mechanic Clankwrench, Crystalline Tyranont, Rottured the Twisted (normal and hard) and the Malarian Queen (normal and hard). It has been a fun ride!

In 2011 we plan to continue these alliances, with more raids into the Tower of Discord and Korafax, stepping into Underfoot raids (we have tried Fippy) and also continuing with some older content as well. Recently we have ventured back into Demi-Plane for 2.5 pages and there is a desire to finish SoF raids as well.

KOTG is a "family' oriented guild (meaning keep it PG-13). Raiding is not mandated. We only require you play as you like to play, have fun and try to help each other where possible. Contact an in-game officer to give KOTG a try.