Down the Rabbithole?

Red Pill
67% (6 votes)
Blue Pill
33% (3 votes)
Total votes: 9



Submitted for your Approval: A medievil Tolkien-esque world where Gnomes and Ogres bicker to invisible gods about imbalancing differences betweens varying jobs and ranks of their society. You have entered The Norrath Zone.

Lord of the Meatshields: The Two Knights (Heavily Abridged Version)
Sauron the Shadowknight will use his puppet, Sarumon the Pally to drive his army of Superknights westward across the Ogremark to Helm's Taunt, the great fortress of Rotank. This befouled half-hybrid, half-hybrid army ten thousand strong was bred for a single purpose: to destroy the world of Warriors. But all was not lost. At first light on the 5th day, Gandalf the GSoT appeared bringing reinforcements. For an agro proc is never early nor is it late (except when it's late); it arrives precisely when it means to.
Now armed with the Rohirrim taunt line Aragorn must enlist the mitgation of the dead to save the living. However, all of this is but a diversion. To win this war our hopes are placed on the most unlikely of patches, Frodo Openings and Master Samwise NewItemization.

Down the Rabbithole?

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Down the Rabbithole?

If there was a white pill, we could take them all and be patriots! ...

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