SOE announced they will raise the lvl. cap to 80 in the new expansion scheduled to be released in Nov. 2007. What do you think?

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I'll happily grind out as many more levels as necessary to reach level 80 and trivialize all previously released content.
33% (13 votes)
I refuse to grind experience. I'll just stay at my current level and watch everyone pass me by.
3% (1 vote)
I'll likely just quit playing altogether.
5% (2 votes)
I'll continue to play at my current rate and perhaps someday I'll catch up to the unending level cap increases.
59% (23 votes)
Total votes: 39


I think its too soon for

I think its too soon for another level increase most people havent caught up with the aa's since the last one and we all know there will be people rushing to be the first one to 80 to have all the new spells before anyone else and will neglect the aa's that go with it.

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I Agree...

Perhaps you detected the sarcasm in my poll choices. Every time they do this, it funnels all the 70+ or 75+ charcacters into a small zone or area to grind out the levels. Myself, I hate feeling like I just have to gain the levels in order to stay up with everyone. But that is exactly what it forces everyone to do. I think it is too soon as well. Typically, level cap increases have been about every 2 years I think? This just seems premature.

Granted, it's not until November, but another year would have been better. It just trivializes all of the previous content, such that there will be another expansion or two of zones with nobody in them. As far as raiding is concerned, it won't leave much that will provide much of a challenge.

SOE isn't doing much to promote the game to new players any longer. They are just trying to hold on to the existing player base as tightly as possible. Who wants to start playing an 8+ year old MMORPG with a level cap at 80? The thought of leveling and AA's for a new character to level 80 seems insurmountable to me.

I suppose nothing that we say or do will have any bearing on what they decide to do, but I think it's worth complaining about Eye-wink

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let it start with me

first, i am deeply apposed of course, as a part time player i have had to make the choice to level or aa, and hence am a 75 toon who just recently broke 100aa.  there is so much content now undiscovered for me.  good news is there are lots in tss yellow to me at 75, so dont HAVE to worry about the next expan. tho i still have done almost nothing in tbs as it stands.  and i am a little worked up about an exp i just had (which i intend to post) but my point to all of this is this:

i will continue to help others, to encourage doing things no longer being done, because with the right attitude, its fun!  So, if you want to do a monster mission, sign me up! still working on some of the DoD spell progresion? i dont have them done yet.  got the urge to earn some don crystals instead of buying them from platshop? WELL I AM YOUR MAN.!! lets go have some fun, and forget what sony or for that matter omani thinks.

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I will continue to play as I

I will continue to play as I always have. I hardly ever create a group to Grind exp, I create groups for a purpos, usually to complete a quest, get a spell or get an item for me or others in group. I let the experience come as it may. When TSS first came out I spent a lot of time running through the low level quests and therefore did not hit 75 as fast as some others, but I had fun doing it.

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Yorag, You forgot, I will


You forgot, I will grind XP, kicking and screaming all the way, cursing SOE every chance I get for putting me through the XP rat race---yet again!!!!!!! as one of the poll choices. ROFL

I know I am dreading this expansion coming out and it doesn't help that I need a new Vid Card for my puter so the graphics on my system for any expansion from PoR and up don't come out bleach white (TNT2/TNT2PRO sucks as a vid card) I have really fallen behind after the Arcstone Cloak as far as new expansions.





Which way to the nearest Pizza Parlor?

Which way to the nearest Pizza Parlor?

In my opinion I'm going to

In my opinion I'm going to keep doing as I've always done . . . I'm going to play as much as I can, and if I make level eighty, sweet. If not, I don't care. I don't have to be capped to have fun playing my character, although that's kind of what Sony (I believe) is pushing for. There's still plenty of content that has yellow and red consider mobs at level seventy-five that I'll be more than happy to kill while everyone else is off on a mad rush for the level cap.

Instead of raising the level cap, I think they'd be better off putting their brains to use on new content. I'd love it if they'd create new zones that are a little more challenging for level seventy-five players, but don't exactly require you to be five levels higher to defeat. It'd clear out some of the content we have now, open it up to players who aren't capped yet, get everyone somewhat trivial, and then we can see what we can do about raising the level cap.

If you ask me it's just a little bit ridiculous for levels . . . I can just see it now: level one hundred characters with mobs hitting for ten thousand and it being "not too hard of a hitter." It's turning into some kind of . . . I don't know, it's just seeming like eventually you're going to be too uber for anything in the game to kill you. *Shrug*

We shall see, I guess.

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This poll is just a bit

This poll is just a bit bios. I will pass on this poll.


I think you all cry too much

I think you all cry too much about SoE. if you dont like what there doing or who they are targeting too. DONT PLAY THE GAME! thats my opinion.

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awe. Im the only one who

awe. Im the only one who chose to stop playing all together? OK, if I hadn't stop playing all together then I would grind... all alone.. ignoring the new content, my health, my life outside of game, my personal hygiene because its all stupid and a waste of time anyway. I would grind until I had a hundred million bajillion AAs and max level. Then I would whine to sony about increasing the level cap again right away. What? that doesnt sound like fun to you?


What's the big deal?

I"m all about an increase in the LvL cap - only 66 my self, but it gives me a longer future to look forward to.  I just like playing the game - you grinders can fight it out to see who is the max all you want.  I just like the idea that there is always something new, different and exciting to get in to.  "I didn't buy a Ritz 'cause it's a tiny edible plate... I bought a Ritz because it's a Ritz... c'mon man, I just like crackers!"  Enjoy it for what it is and enjoy it how you wish.

 Midian Nytebreed, Proud Druid of the Keepers, Defender of the Glade

Midian Nytebreed, Proud Druid of the Keepers, Defender of the Glade

I'm with u mid...

i am with u midian i am all about the new expansion it just adds more to be seen and more to be done so as i near the end of the lvl 75 cap and aa cap i know that there is more to be done and not just killing the samething over and over and over

um agree with mid too - but

um agree with mid too - but out of interest - 2 years ago (when I started re-playing) the top level was going to be over 100 Smiling. Thats a long way for me to go.....