What Time Zone Do You Live In?

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67% (6 votes)
22% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
11% (1 vote)
Hawaiian, Alaskan, or Others
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 9


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I did this poll about a year and a half ago and it got closed before a good sampling of responses were collected. Just curious if our geographic representation has changed much with the all of the new members.

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Sticky This Please

Can we get this stickied so it doesn't keep migrating to the bottom of the lists?


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How do you vote?

Just wondering how do you vote in this poll?

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If you are logged in, you should have 5 bubbles to choose from and you just pick one. If you've already voted once, those options are no longer available.

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Hmm I havent voted and don't

Hmm I havent voted and don't have the 5 bubbles. I know this as I'm in mountain which has none..bah

O dont see bubbles

Yeah, I dont see bubbles. I am in eastern and wanted to vote but there is no way for me to vote.

Poll had closed, I reopened

Poll had closed, I reopened it.

Hunter Omegga Silvguard
80th Season Champion of Faydark
Forest Stalker of Norrath with 1800+ AA points.
Master Fletcher (233), Master Archer (305+AM3/EQ), Master Tracker (300), Master Forager (200)

Hunter Omegga Silvguard
90th Season Champion of Faydark
Forest Stalker of Norrath with 7k+ AA points.
Master Fletcher (300), Master Archer 375+AM3/EQ), Master Tracker (300), Master Forager (250)

I closed the Poll

I closed the Poll due to inproper setup. Parameters are not defined well and it needs to be closed and set up properly. Therefore I am closing it again until we can set it up properly.

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Please Explain.......

I certainly hope you have a better explanation other than "inproper (sic) setup " and "parameters are not defined well". There are 5 time zones in the US the last time I checked, what other "parameters" are needed?
This is a simple poll regarding the various time zones we live in, and no one should be closing it based on their own opinions. What could possibly be set up improperly?
Omegga obviously didn't have a problem with it, so why do you Caeni? What or who gives you the right to arbitrarily decide what is proper and what isn't?

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