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Back in the day it was my bible, but unless i am using it wrong now the site doesn;t help at all..looks like a forum for posts , no info..so is there any other places to help us bards out?

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forums.theconcerthall.net is

forums.theconcerthall.net is a decent place to go for advice but it is kind of like eqdiva for the most part. Mostly just forum posts with guides and stuff like that. Some of it is out of date but some is up to date. I really dont know of many bard based eq sites out there. I mainly just pick the brains of other bards. I have sent a /tell to several of the lvl 80 bards with my questions. If you do just ask first if they have time to answer a bardic question. As you know most of the upper lvl bards pull now so they might be busy. Never once have I been denied from a fellow bard on a question. Quiptos is really good with questions. Hes one of the top bards server wide. If you ever have a question dont hesitate to ask me via /tell or an ingame email or if you need to send me a personal email at mudslinger24@gmail.com Just let me know is you in the subject line or I might think its spam.

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I dont recall ever turning

I dont recall ever turning down a question and sorry, eqdiva has been broken about 2 years now. the owner can barely keep the server up much less update up from the last 5 expansions successfully.