What pet do you use most, and why?

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Been a while since something was posted here, and with the upgrades to pets 76+ I thought I would just see where everyone stood.

Soloing/Most grouping - I use Air Pet with Magic proc tonfas; occassionaly water or fire, if the pulls are easy and there is no risk that I will need to pet off-tank

Raiding - Water with Ice daggers for Backstab; occassionally Fire on encounters like Ture (I can put him just out of AERamp range and do decent damage without having to worry about interrupting a spell to pull my pet back...and the Fire pet 2.3k instant nuke every 4 secs lands quite well on Ture.) 

I have had no need to use the earth pet or the aggro daggers...at least not that I have found so far.

Just curious...what do y'all use? 

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I generally use my air pet

I generally use my air pet while soloing, the stun component tends to be quite useful against casters (damned self healing mobs) and allow me to maximize my pathetic mana pool.  Heh.

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90% is an Air pet

The rest is what is needed per the fight. Waterfor BS Fire for nukes an such.... But Air by far is the most used.