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So I am at work atm but checked out Irin's new AAs this morning at I have to say I am impressed.  It's not just more of the same, oh no!

Highlights include:  Harmonious Arrow - Level 85 req, 9 allows you to single pull a mob from a group.  Refresh is 2 minutes.  Finally something for indoor pulling!  I am so happy to see this.

Trickshot - multiple new levels.

Hasted Weapon Shield - each ranks lowers the refresh time for WS disc.

A few other ranged attack AAs.  This is good, I had about given up on using my bow except when I had Trueshot running. 

Lots of new melee stuff.

Actually this list is kind of lame, I can't remember all the other stuff I saw but I'm posting it anyway. 

Any other rangers have any comments on any of the new AAs?

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Here's a link to a real list

Has all the new ranger spells and AAs.

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Awww, crud. I didn't

Awww, crud. I didn't realize Harm Arrow was lvl 85. That was gonna be my first purchased.

I think my first new ones with my banked AAs will be at lvl 81:

Group Guardian of the Forrest
Spell Casting Reinf Mastery (works on disciplies too)
Headshot - add'l rank
Perfected Levitation (indoors lev)
Pack Hunt

Then maybe work on some of the new burst AAs and Defensive ones. Probably wait til 85 to work on the Spires progression.

While all the archery improvements look nice on the surface, I very rarely ever use it for anything these days.... so the utility of those AAs is pretty non-existant for my current play-style.