Shaman AAs and all that slowing stuff

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So i have noticed we have had several new shamans join our ranks and as i have found not one really good post ne where on how shammy's should do AAs i thought i would throw my two cents and my plan into the mix muhaha.

Now the first half of the list r AAs i did awhile ago when i was grinding at lvl 65 they were more of a prerequisist. This list is more based on if u have to solo alot. Vp is awesome in the new expansion. All the worgs and Wereorcs in Loping plains almost never break it. On raids it is also from my experience good to have MGB and Tugur's Insect the AA slow. As a shammy Canni is your life blood sometimes u r the only healer who has mana. Keep its that way =).

 Also i would like to mention if u r root rotting i have no spell casting fury or such listed though a couple ranks might be cool for effect or u need to burn a mob quickly not a bad idea either.

Innate Runspeed 3/3
Innate Regen 3/3
(innate mana regen, cannot remember its name off hand) 3/15
Cannibalization 1/1
Combat Stability 8/8
Combat Agaility 8/8
Pethold 1/2

Healing Gift                4/4

Healing Adept                3/3

Virulent Paralyze            4/6
Silent Prescence (invis)        1/1
Call of the Wild            1/1
Turgur's Swarm                1/1
Pack of the Wolf            2/2
Mass Group Buff                1/1
Destructive Cascade            3/3
Critical affliction            6/6
Affliction Mastery (Critical Affliction)1/3
Persistent Casting            1/3
Blood Tithe                0/6
Radiant cure                1/9
Quickened Curing (radiant cure 3)    0/3
Cannibalization                2/3
Spell Casting Reinforcement        3/3
Spell Casting Reinforcement Mastery    1/1
Innate Run Speed            5/5
Gift of Mana                0/3
Gift of Radiant Mana (Gift of Mana)    0/1
Gift of Exquisite Radiant Mana        0/1
Healing Adept                3/9
Healing Boon                0/9
Healing Gift                4/15
Hastened Call of the Wild (call)    0/4
Ancestral Aid                0/9
Secondary Forte                0/1
Fortified Intervention            0/3
Abundant Healing (healing Gift 7)    0/10
Union of Spirit (Ancestral Aid)        0/6
Spell Casting Fury            1/3
Spirit Call                0/8
Pet Affinity                0/1
Shield Block                0/6
Suspended Minion            0/2
Spirit Call (host)            1/8
Planar Power                1/15
Innate See Invis            0/1
Combat Stability            8/23
Combat Agility                8/23

 Any other ideas would love input

- Jerom Hateswater 

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Forgot to mention

just put 0/ (whatever) in there the numbers r more my personal progression and don't really effect ne one but me. Also most of the AAs i am maxing out in that order. Xcept like RAD cure where it is more get three ranks, get rad cure haste then finish it. little things like that