Dark and Light (part 1)

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"Darkness falls upon us soon.." A fair complexioned Wood Elf muttered under his breath. "We shall make refuge in here Captain Meboom. Tell the warriors to get ready for set up. " Omegga, the wood elf General of The Keepers,  has seen many combats of his life. He has led many great battles and succeeded all of them, yet, in his serene, green eyes, something has troubled the great general. "Make sure that we have men on watch while some of us sleep; every couple of hours they shall be relieved of their duties by another set of warriors."


A few days earlier, the general has been summoned by the Goddess of the Grove, Tunare. As he entered the Sacred Glade, he felt an ominous feeling... a feeling he has never gotten from a place so pure and clean. "You have summoned me, my great Lady" he said as he bows his head to the Goddess.


Her face is serene and gentle, almost as if she were in her early 20's. Her piercing blue eyes was cold and sharp, and her voice, soothing and calmning most will say for those that are fortunate enough to hear her voice.

"My faithful general, too long it has been since we've each other, alas we have seen each other only in times of peril" Her voice echoed through the glade as if a wind were gently breezing its way trough the trees. "I have wished of a day that we could meet only to talk of the good times and happy days. Unfortunately this is not the case, General." Her tone suddenly changed to a much deeper tone, a darker one than usual. "These are dark times Omegga, and I must call upon the help of The Keepers to protect all good things in this world." Her voice crisp and brisque, as she give her words verbatumly to the general without a blink of an eye. "Surely, you have felt the change in the wind within the past couple of days Omegga?" she finished

"Aye, I have. There is something dark and evil lurking around Antonica and Faydwer. City after City is being burned down by something other- worldly. I ask, my Lady, if any of the Gods have something to do about these perilous events?" he asked.

The General, though old, is one of the most intelligent tacticians of the age. He has won numerous battles, led many an army through victory even though they have slim, and some may say no chance on winning. He manages to always pull his victory with no help by luck.

"Unfortunately, No. The Council of Gods will deliberate upon these urgent matters," the Goddess said. "Pray, General, that you may survive the war once again, for I, myself, fear the very thought of my own Death." Her voice..shaking, faltering almost. One thing is for sure, The Gods and Goddesses will have to fight for the sake of everyone's survival.


Darkness looms over the mountain trail. With the 3 day hike of the Keepers, they have found a place where they could rest for a few hours. Here, Warriors and Knights created tents for the Healers and helped watch the sorrounding area for any unruly spies following them, Meanwhile, the Elf rangers on the other side of the camp ground seemed to be working on making more bows and arrows and they too helped the warriors and knights scout the area.


The Keepers are the strongest Army created by the Gods to do its single purpose, and that is to "Fight for what is right." They are lead by the most notorious General, Omegga. The Keepers are a breaded class from the beginning. Healers, Casters, Summoners, Warriors and Knights. Each and every single one of these good souls have been hand selected by the Gods to serve their purpose. One by one, they are trained by the smartest, fearless and strongest class of their kind.


(To be Continued, right now, im at work and got nothing else to do so i wrote this story hehe.)

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Continuation (part of the 1st story)

For so long, the Keepers has kept balance on Norrath. Eradicating the Bad and only help better the lands. Gods has never been pleased with their outcome to not only be a success, but The Keepers, in the eyes of the Gods, are a force to be reckon with.

"Omegga, the scouts reports are in. Would you like to speak to them?" a tall female Human Cleric named Caeni hastenedly tell the General
"I would like to speak to them alone." as the general dismisses the Cleric. Once the Cleric has stepped out, a small indigenous creature, with human like feature walked inside the tent. "What news do you bring me, Grimmac?" he asked.

"The Dark Elves has moved on, along with their Troll friends." The Drakkin named Grimmac spoken. He has almost every single feature a human would bear, except for the small horns sticking out his forehead and his cat like eyes. "They seem to have deserted Neriak in a hurry. I made sure i also scouted the nearby mountains, but they are empty as well." he finished.

The Drakkins are rare creatures of Norrath. They are half human, half dragon. Some say these creatures have the ability to breath fire just like dragons do, and have a rather tougher skin than a normal Human.

"What of the other Planes? Has anyone checked the Human establishment at the Freeport and Ro cities?" Omegga asked rather anxiously
"Freeport was burned to the ground the past week, sir. Along with Freeport, there is Felwithe, Rathe and Shar Vahl was all burnt down. We don't know who did it, but they aren't hesitating until they have finished every single living creature on this planet." the drakkin concluded.
"Thank you, Grimmac." Omegga mustered. He suddenly felt sick. He felt responsible. If he would knew sooner, he could've saved these poor souls sooner."Tell the Captain that i would need my Horse, i would need to travel to the Glade to speak with the Goddess. Hopefully, she can help us locate where these monsters will decide to attack next." With that, he stood, walked outside and waited till his horse is ready to be saddled for the LONG journey ahead.

The travel from the campsite to the Glade is long and perilous. 3 Days and 3 nights, and specially with the drought, stopping only to get some water seems to be harder than usual. As He rode to the desert, he started to wonder the last war he was in. Nothing in the back of his very mind reminded him of the attacks on the villages are from his previous experience. He at least know now that he is fighting something not from Norrath.

When he reached the Glade, the Maidens of Tranquility has been waiting for him, almost expectantly. He disarm his self to the horse and walked toward the castle of The Glade. "Hello again Omegga, please follow me to the Grand Hall." one of the maidens tells him as his eyes fixes on the only person in the Glade that is not a fairy or a helper, but rather a tall Barbarian warrior.

"What do i owe this special priviledge to see you back in here, Omegga?" The Goddess exclaimed.
"The what are we fighting your Highness."
"Somthing old, Ancient. Strong and Powerful. All you know is that the End is near, alsways believe that there are good things in this wolds.

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Continuation (again)

Omegga walked out of the Glade mesmerized. Confused more than ever. Never did he see the beautiful Goddess trembling fearing for her own life. For once, Omegga knew the magnitude of the situation. And he too, fears for his own life.

Walking away from the Great Hall of the Glade, he ponder on whats ahead. He start to think of a plan to occupy a nearby city and maybe surprise the wrongdoers. His mind is full of plans, tactics, ways to end this corruption plaguing the lands.

After he reach the end of the stairways on the way to the Commonlands, he glazed back to the Glade. A place where he finds his own sanity and serenity, now filled with fear and worry. He also notice the same Barbarian Warrior staring at him. He has seen the face before, just not able to put where he did see him. Perhaps, all this time to the battlefield has caught up with him? All the life he's ended with his Bow and his Blade are now finally catching up on his own conciousness?

Slowly, the general made a move towards the Barbarian warrior, when he noticed the Maidens right behind him and gesturing him towards the Great Hall. With this, he pondered more of the situation. "Who is that Barbarian Warrior and why does he look like someone i know?"

At the stables, where Omegga rested his weary steed, the gnomes are working on something that seem to spark out every few seconds they try to test it out, while the Dwarves in the other corner of the room are just sitting and lounging, he did smell a heavy musky smell of alcohol through the air when he noticed a dwarf with a heavy set of braided beard heading towards his direction.

"Well, I'll be darned! If it isn't the General of the Keeper Army" He shouted.
"Hello, sir. I have my horse be attended through this stables" He replied "Do you, by chance, know where the location of my horse is? He is a white steed with a long silky hair. I am rather fond of him and don't want to see anything to happen to him"
"Well, Master Elf, we here at the stables are the best crew in all of norrath. Best assure that he is well taken care of."
"You have my deepest Thanks." the elf continued.
"Necreta!!! Where is that blasted Gnome?!?!" The Dwarf now furious of the situation, when a small gnome walked out of the corner. The gnomes are smart engineers of Norrath. Though they may have been less gifted with their height. Their intelligence are of the highest importance for the scholars.
"Where is the generals steed?" the dwarf hastendly ask
"It is at the house near the lake. I took it for a walk, since he looked tired."
"It's ok master dwarf. Necreta is it? Would you mind bringing me to my horse" his voice cool and collect, without a sense of worry.
"Yessir" The young gnome replied.