PoP/oow Era Spells

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Would like to request, a GM researcher to do a few PoP/oow Era spells for a Druid. 

please send word if your up to the task, many thanks in Return.



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EMail me

If you look under guild bank you will see I have banker characters with several PoP and 50's spells on them. If you need a spell for level 50 to 65 send me an in game email and I will look to see what I have.
I would really like to use the 61 to 65 spells that were duplicates when when someone turned in a parchment or rune as I am trying to get items off the bankers and into the hands of characters who will use them.
If I can make room I will take some of the spells out of the bank and put them on the alt banker with room. The only thing I would like to see different about the guild bank is a separate area for spells. Would be a blessing for me.

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Grab what is needed

and I will do my best to make them.

Max skill, AAs and trophy.


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I may have them

send me an ingame email list of what you need and i will look on alt to see if we have in the guild bank.

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I get ethereal and spectral parchment drops frequently as I farm ore. I just turn them in to sell for plat and it really doesn't matter to me which turn-in NPC I use. If you'd list specific 61 - 64 spells you need, I'll save them for ya.

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Newb :D

I'm actually needing a few more pop spells. Someone had mentioned you farming ore/parchments. Ill list ones Im still trying to get: Servant of Marr, Sun Storm, Talisman of Return, Black Steel, Malosinia, Girlde of Magi'Kot. There are a few others I didn't list. Your help would greatly be appreciated.